Vlog camera for mobile POV on the head with a 4K resolution

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Product description Vlog camera for mobile POV on the head with a 4K resolution

Vlog camera for mobile phone WiFi - POV on the head with a resolution of up to 4K with a number of accessories. The camera offers a WiFi connection, which is used to pair the mobile phone. Ultra light, compact camera with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. This unique POV camera captures the exact image of what you look at. With the practical holder on head, you will not lose any important shot. Camera on head with WiFi connection via mobile phone - 4K (3840*2160px ), with what you can capture unique images from a first person perspective. Despite the small size of camera, the image is without any blurring and with quality sound recording thanks to the built-in microphone with noise reduction function.

pov camera on cell phone from first person view      


The camera focuses automatically, from 50 cm up to infinity. You can start recording directly using the buttons on the camera, via a Smartphone or on the remote control, that can be attached onto the hand thanks to the rubber bracelet.

The handsfree camera is ideal for sports activities and shooting Vlogs.

handsfree camera on head

With a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh, it can record up to 3 hours, charging the battery takes about 2,5 hours. You can also charge the camera during operation (recording), for example using a power bank.

Thanks to its light weight, you can mount the fully universal Vlog handsfree camera anywhere.

vlog camera

Thanks to the mobile application, the camera is connected to the Smartphone via Wi-Fi and you can set the exact angle of view of the lens and control the camera (it can also be controlled without a phone, thanks to the buttons on the camera body). The application works with the iOS and Android operating systems.

Easy operation and setup thanks to the mobile application.

vlog camera on the head


The wireless remote control will start recording at the right moment.

camera on the head with remote control

The camera can be attached on the head thanks to a light holder, or you can use a standard thread for mounting on a tripod or other holders (e.g. GoPro, bicycle, helmet, selfie stick, etc.)

pov camera thread for mounting

Free your hands and enjoy filming your experiences or Vlogs.

sports camera on head blog and vlog

The POV camera comes in a practical, durable bag where are comfortably placed all the accessories.

pov camera on head case


Sensor: 4M highly sensitive CMOS sensor
Luminosity: F: 2,8
Viewing angle: 120 degrees
Focusing range: 50cm to infinity
Video format: MP4 / H.264
Video resolution: 4K (3840 * 2160 @ 25fps); 2.7K (2704 * 1524 @ 30 fps); FHD (1920 * 1080 @ 60fps); 1920 * 1080 @ 30fps; 1920 * 1440 @ 30fps, HD (1280 * 720 @ 120fps, 60fps, 30fps); VGA (640 * 480 @ 120fps)
Photo format: JPEG
Photo resolution: 18M (4640 * 3840), 12M (4032 * 3024), 10M (3648 * 2736), 8M (3264 * 2448), 5M (2592 * 1944), 3M (2048 * 1536), 2MHD (1920 * 1080 ), 1.3M (1280 * 960), VGA (640 * 480)
Microphone: built-in
Speaker: built-in
LED indicator light: yes
WiFi: built-in, 2,4G
Remote control range: 3m
USB: USB 2.0
Support: micro SD card up to 128GB
Battery: built-in, 1000mAh, rechargeable, Li-ion, up to 3 hours recording time
Charging: micro USB cable
Dimensions: 97x24x26 mm
Weight: 70g
Color: black

Package contents:

1x POV sports Vblog head camera
1x Camera holder on the head (folding)
1x Camera case/bag with accessories
1x Remote control
1x Bracelet for remote control
1x Fixing screw on the holder
1x Tightening wrench
2x Charging cable holder (hook)
1x Micro USB cable for charging
2x Rubber cover on speaker
1x Manual


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