WiFi pinhole Full HD camera + IR night vision and Li-on battery

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Product description WiFi pinhole Full HD camera + IR night vision and Li-on battery

The WiFi pinhole Full HD with IR night vision camera (which can illuminate the entire room in the dark) and the Li-on battery enables up to 8 hours of recording. The camera can also be connected to a power supply via a USB cable (included) or an external power-bank, in addition to the Li-on battery. 

Via WiFi, the camera can be paired with a smartphone (Android/iOS) through the "iMiniCam" application to set up various camera functions or to watch the recording directly from the camera. Due to the micro camera dimensions, it will not be a problem to install the camera in the interior without anyone noticing. The Pinhole camera captures images in FULL HD quality with a resolution of 1920x1080 at 30 frames per second and, together with the 4xIR LED night vision, offers high-quality day and night shots, making it the perfect choice for monitoring space in the apartment, home, office, business premises and so on. 

WiFi spy pinhole camera with live viewing via app in mobile

pinhole camera applicationpinhole camera viewing imagepinhole camera settings
The Pinhole HD camera also has a cyclical recording and wifi conecting function with your router, allowing you to watch online live stream anywhere in the world via a data connection on your mobile. The camera stores recordings on a micro SD card (support up to 32GB). Small dimensions, discreetness and independence from external power supply make this camera a very useful tool compared to large security cameras. The biggest advantage of this camera is that it captures the real behavior of people who do not know they are being monitored by a security camera.

Only 4x IR LEDs but they can illuminate the entire room in full darkness

pinhole camera with IR LED night vision


Spy camera with IR Night Vision
Control over smartphones with Android/iOS
Usage of microSD cards up to 32GB
Permanent power supply: Possibility to connect to powerbank


Resolution: FULL HD 1920x1080
Video format: avi
Video compression: H.264
Memory: microSD cards up to 32GB
Night IR vision: 4x IR LEDs
Power: USB power source with USB connection
Replacement power supply: powerbank connection

Package contents:

1x Pinhole Full HD camera with IR night vision
1x CD with software
1x Li-on battery
1x Micro USB cable
1x Manual


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