UV disinfection lamp 8W with ozone sterilization - 30 cm

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new UV disinfection lamp 8W with ozone sterilization - 30 cm
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Product description UV disinfection lamp 8W with ozone sterilization - 30 cm

UV disinfection lamp 8W with ozone sterilization - 30 cm with the possibility of connecting several pieces. Germicidal sterilization lamps for households, ambulances and other facilities. UV germicidal 8W lamp with ozone, finds its use for effective disinfection and sterilization. Germicidal emitter, length 30 cm, provides double disinfection and sterilization against bacteria or viruses. Germicidal light provides effective UV disinfection and is supplemented with an ozone generator, so it is able to sterilize pollen particles, mites and destroy viruses, bacteria, odors and molds from the air and objects. The combination of UV and ozone radiation also effectively destroys the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, thereby they losing the ability to reproduce and they die. A great way to clean objects without chemical detergents and thus without any unpleasant odor.

The use of the UV lamp is really wide, as it can be used for disinfection of personal items, clothes, dishes, telephones, toilets, bedrooms, cars, respirators and protective masks etc., to ensure a clean environment. Thanks to the connector, it is possible to interconnect several of these UV tubes in a row, to create one long tube if you need more performance for the sterilization place.

Ozone disinfection - Germicidal tubes and bulbs where the sterilization rate is up to 99%

uv disinfection lamp

The size of the UV-C lamp is suitable, for example, above a kitchen unit as a supplement to standard lighting, where after work you can turn on a germicidal lamp to disinfect the working area. It is commonly used in healthcare as a UV lamp for disinfection of operating rooms or surgeries. In households, germicidal lamps are better known as mountain sun. At present, is suitable to use the lamp for protection against viruses and bacteria especially during influenza seasons (Corona - covid 19 etc.) Germicidal lamps + UVC lights - best uv light sanitizer for effective ozone disinfection and room sterilization with ultraviolet sunuv (bulbs, tubes, led) in stock for sale online - you can buy at good price.

UV lamp - used mainly for permanent installation in the home or business premises

disinfection lamp

Double disinfection and sterilization - Ozone disinfection

Thanks to UV light and ozone, the lamp guarantees a high level of effectiveness in fighting viruses and bacteria

sterilization lamp

Fast and efficient

Sterilization rate is up to 99% -   physical disinfection process and no chemicals are entering the air

ozone light

Versatile use

UV LED germicidal lamp finds its use in every household or public premises for effective disinfection and sterilization

sterilization light UVC


UV LED germicidal lamp with ozone
Double disinfection and sterilization
Versatile use
Removes bacteria, viruses, allergens, molds



Model: Profio UVC Tube2
Type: UV germicidal lamp
Material: ABS
Power supply: 220 V
Bulb type: Round tube
UV wavelength: 185 to 254 nm
Power: 8W (12 m2)
Dimensions: 310 mm (length)


Package contents:

1x UV germicidal lamp
1x Cabling
1x Interconnection set
1x Set of screws
1x Manual


What is UV-C radiation

UV-C radiation is one of three types of UV light, its wavelength causes damage to the cell membrane and disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria and destroy them. This germicidal radiation therefore has disinfectant features. As it is a UV light, it is able to disinfect all the surfaces onto which it impacts, and in the case of various fabrics, it penetrates directly into them without damaging them. Such a germicidal light is not a new technology, but has been used for years, mainly in health care. The sterilization UV lamps were used mainly for disinfection of operating rooms, but we could also see them in various surgeries or waiting rooms. 

ultraviolet lights

Use of germicidal light, UVC disinfection and sterilization:

- In health care, waiting room, surgeries, operating room
- In the food industry, food storage, storage areas
- Sterilization of drinking water
- In breeding for disinfection of terrariums, aquariums, bedding, food
- In hotels, restaurants, offices, toilets
- Sterilization of air conditioning, tools, instruments and machines



When activating the lamp, people and animals need to leave the room!
UV-C light can cause eye damage, so we recommend you to buy safety goggles from our offer when using it.
Animals or plants must not be present in the room you are currently disinfecting.


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