Intelligent WiFi socket timer - cycle from 1 min to 24h

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Product description Intelligent WiFi socket timer - cycle from 1 min to 24h

Intelligent WiFi socket timer - cycle from 1 min to 24h. With the app, you can turn on and off all home appliances as your Smartphone, tablet or computer. The plug-in timer is controlled via a home Wi-Fi network, which will make it easier for you to control your home appliances, save energy and increase home security. The socket with a timer is also used for germicidal lamps, where it is appropriate to set the sterilization time in a room, where anyone can not be inside.

Timer into the socket - using the application you can turn on and off household appliances from your Smartphone, tablet or computer. You can turn on and off the connected devices anywhere and anytime, set the time switch of individual devices or groups. Everything can be controlled via devices with the Android or iOS operating system. The alarm function allows you to send a security distortion notification to a registered e-mail or to device application. When the application is turned on, you can control which devices are turned on or off. If necessary, you can turn the device on or off manually with the button on the timer or with the buttons in the application. The setting of the time switch via the application is comfortable and simple. You can add and control up to 15 timers per one Wi-Fi network via the G-Homa application.

Digital socket timer with WiFi support

smart and wifi timer into socket

Technical specifications:

System requirements: Android: 3.0 or higher / iOS: 6.0 or higher
Maximum power - 3680W
Voltage/current - 230V ~/16A max.
Max. number of timers per one Wi-Fi network: 15
Transmission frequency: 2,4GHz
Wi-Fi router - 802.11 b/g/n
Minimum switching time - 1 minute
Setting the maximum switch-on time: 3 min – 12 h
Naming of devices - yes
Group control - yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) - 113 × 60 × 76mm


Package contents:

1x SMART socket timer
1x Manual


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