Speaker and Alarm clock with HD camera + motion detection + IR

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Product description Speaker and Alarm clock with HD camera + motion detection + IR

Bluetooth speaker and Alarm clock with HD camera + motion detection + IR + weather station. This stylish alarm clock with a hidden camera also works as a portable bluetooth speaker or mp3 player from a micro SD card. With its elegant design in glossy black, it fits into any type of interior without anyone knowing that it is a device with a hidden camera. The high-quality display on the alarm clock ensures trouble-free readability of the provided data even in intense daylight. The alarm clock display shows the current time and date, room temperature, you can also set an alarm. The device is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery 3000 mAh. It can be used in every household as a full-fledged digital alarm clock. Undoubtedly the most important and useful function is unobserved monitoring of the environment.

Hidden camera in alarm clock with bluetooth speaker + Temperature displaying

speaker hidden spy camera

The built-in hidden camera records videos in Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 with sound, i.e. sufficient for detailed shots. Thanks to the IR LED night vision at a distance of up to 6 meters, you will have a quality image even at night. The digital alarm clock supports P2P and WiFi connection and is wireless, which allows it to be placed directly anywhere in the interior. You can control all the functions of the hidden camera remotely via the freely available application "TinyCam" for smartphones (iOS, Android) through which you can watch images in real time and change camera settings. The alarm clock with a camera can be connected to a home router via WIFI or P2P, which allows you to monitor the image anytime and anywhere via your mobile phone.

hidden camera in a alarm clock

The digital alarm clock also includes a motion detection function,which is used to start recording when capturing motion in space. Great feature thanks to which you will not miss any important shot, because the shots will be captured only during the activity. Captured recordings are subjected to H.264 compression to reduce file size and then stored on a supported micro SD card up to 128 GB. The device also serves as a music player. It has two micro SD card slots - one is used for video recording, the other for music playback. The Bluetooth connection also turns the alarm clock into a portable speaker, just pair your phone with the alarm clock and you can instantly play your favorite music.

camera in alarm clock - night vision and motion detection

Two-way audio allows two-way communication at a distance - you can calm a pet, talk to a child, etc.

spy camera in speaker

Night vision - thanks to the built-in IR LED light, you will capture a perfect image even during complete darkness up to a distance of up to 6 meters

hidden speaker camera

This stylish alarm clock with a hidden camera also works as a portable bluetooth speaker or mp3 player from a micro SD card

speaker spy cam



PLUS Hidden camera in digital alarm clock
plus WiFi and P2P video transmission in real time
plus Bluetooth speaker + mp3 player from memory card
plus Temperature display
plus Motion detection function
plus Night IR LED vision up to 6 meters



Image sensor: HD 1280x720p
Lens: 1MP CMOS
Video resolution: 1280x720 pixels
Imaging: 15 fps
Compression formats: H.264
Scanning angle: 120°
Playing music from micro SD card: yes
Bluetooth speaker: yes
Room temperature indicator: yes
Night vision range: 6 meters
Motion detection: yes, PIR sensor
Memory card: support Micro SD card up to max. 128 GB (not included)
Power supply: rechargeable 3000mAh lithium battery
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Bluetooth: yes
Charging: micro USB cable
Dimensions: 82x82x81 mm

Package contents:

1x Digital alarm clock with HD camera
1x USB cable
1x USB reader for micro SD card
1x Adapter
1x Manual


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