Logo projector - Rotating Gobo 50W with LED logo projection up to 20M + IP67 protection

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Product description Logo projector - Rotating Gobo 50W with LED logo projection up to 20M + IP67 protection

Logo projector - Rotating Gobo 50W logo projection up to 20M - waterproof IP67. LED Gobo reflector power 50W with projection of your logo outdoors from 5 to 20m and IP67 protection. This projection lamp will display your company's logo on the wall, ceiling, or floor. The powerful 50W light with a quality Osram bulb with HD resolution is hidden under the durable aluminum body of the projector, which is IP67 waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

Suitable for all commercial establishments, such as shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, clubs, but also stalls, buffets and fast food. Simple and quick installation and easy control of the projector will guarantee effective promotion of your logo on the wall, ceiling, or ground. Aluminum body with a unique cooling system.

LED Gobo with 50W power

LED Logo projector (Gobo) - projection of your logo - eye-catching advertisement

Convenient tilt adjustment of the LED logo projector

LED Logo projector

This projector is a great advertising tool for displaying a company logo, text, or image. Do you need to make your brand visible, attract attention when presenting a new product or special event? LED Logo projector is the ideal solution you are looking for. This is a great advertising banner with projection thanks to the high-performance OSRAM LED chip. Of course, we can produce custom-made your own logo (one or more colors) for use in our projector. Image rotation is started by pressing the button on the projector - the logo starts to rotate slowly.

Advertising logo projector on buildings, walls in the exterior or interior

Advertising logo projector on buildings gobo

GOBO LED projector (reflector logo) also suitable for outdoor use - PERFECT ILLUMINATED ADVERTISING

projector logo on the wall exterior interior

The projector is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In the case of internal presentation, the displayed content stands out even in daylight or artificial lighting with projection onto walls, floors, etc. For outdoor presentation, it is ideal to use from dusk to dawn, or in reduced visibility. It can be projected onto external walls or space (square, street, sidewalks, parking lots, stadiums, playgrounds, entrance gates, driveways). The LED projector can also be used to illuminate various objects and subjects. Outdoors, it can be used to illuminate historical buildings, statues and monuments. In the interior, it can be used in galleries, museums for effective illumination of exhibited works.

Protection IP67 - waterproof LED Gobo projector

LED Gobo projector IP67

Logo projection - customized light advertising

projection of the logo on the wall    

It is also possible to change projection lenses 0.3 (default) and 0.65 and 1.0 on the projector

Depending on the lens used, the size of the displayed logo will be different
*We recommend lenses for longer distances only for more powerful GOBO projectors*
*Easy focus of the displayed logo by rotating the lens*

gobo projector with interchangeable lenses


LED Logo projector
Led chip OSRAM
Protection IP67
Water resistance
Power 50W



Model: Profio Gobo X50S
Power: 50W
Projection distance: 5 to 20 meters
Lens: 0,7
Material: Aluminum
Power supply: AC 90-250V
Luminous flux: 3300-7200LM
Color temperature: 6000-8000K
Gobo lens size: 37mm
Operating temperature: -40 to 60°C
Lamp life: 50,000 hours
Protection: IP67
Water resistance: yes
Rotation: yes
Dimensions: 12x10x25 cm
Weight: 2,3 kg

Package contents:

1x LED Logo Projector
1x Assembly kit
1x Manual

!!! It is also necessary to order the production service of your logo for use in the Gobo projector (which you just need to send by email, ideally in .jpg or .pdf format) !!!


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