Headlamp with camera Full HD waterproof IP65

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Product description Headlamp with camera Full HD waterproof IP65

Headlamp with camera Full HD waterproof IP65 with 4000 mAh battery, card memory support up to 128GB and 2 lighting modes is suitable for night sports, camping or for protective forces such as SBS. The waterproof headlamp with high-brightness LED + Full HD camera is suitable for everyday recording of important moments. Running, jogging or hiking is a favorite activity of many people. During these activities we often find or see something nice and it is unpleasant to interrupt the run, pull out the phone and run with it. The headlamp with built-in Full HD camera elegantly solves this problem. You will never have to interrupt your activity again, and everything you will capture in the video. Another advantage is, while camera is recording, you do not have to hold it in your hands and so you are handsfree, what can be useful for various security forces or SBS.

Headlamp with Full HD camera is suitable for night sports, camping, protective or security forces such as SBS

Headlamp with camera

The main function of this headlamp is of course the source of the light. The headlamp offers two modes, full or circular lighting. Of course, while it is shinning you can also record videos, what makes it an original accessory against the competition. In the dark, you can easily do running, hiking or camping, while you are recording what you see - as well as useful when searching of something or avoiding the objects. The headlamp also has IP65 water resistance. The head of device is rotatable 90 degrees to help you see for example obstacles on the ground. It can record video on average per one charge up to 5 hours.

Thanks to the adjustable angle of the headlamp body, you can see the terrain surface even in the dark

adjustable angle headlamp with the camera


Two light modes
1920x1080p video
Supports memory cards up to 128GB
Battery capacity 4000 mAh
Water resistance IP65



Pixel: 12 megapixels CMOS
Video resolution: 1080P
Frame rate: 30fps
Video format: AVI
Angle of view: 72°
Battery capacity: 4000 mAH
Maximum battery life: up to 5 hours
Maximum memory card capacity is 128 GB

Package includes:

1x Headlamp with camera
1x Clamping strap
1x Charging cable
1x Micro USB adapter
4x Clips
1x Manual


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