HD dual IP68 rotating mini reversing 115° side mirror camera

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Product description HD dual IP68 rotating mini reversing 115° side mirror camera

Mini dual rotating HD (720x540 pixels resolution) rearview side mirror reversing camera with dimensions of 60x30 mm and 115° viewing angle (one camera) and IP68 protection. This powerful reversing camera from PROFIO ELECTRONICS is the right solution for monitoring the vehicle's surroundings. Two lenses cover each "blind spot" and blind spot from the driver's point of view. It gives you an overview of what is happening around the vehicle when it is moving or reversing. The camera can be used as a side or reversing - rear camera.

Easy installation is ensured by the 3M sticker on the bottom of the camera (you do not have to drill any other holes into the body to attach the camera). The power cord has a switch that you can use to switch cameras - no applications or complicated controls - just turn on the switch and you will see the image from the camera you need. The camera has a wide range of uses, because it is suitable for all types of cars, but also for vans, minibuses, caravans, etc. The image sensor with an HD resolution of 720x540 pixels enables high-quality and sharp image transmission.

dual rotating HD car reversing camera

The reversing camera has a viewing angle of 115° (one camera), which is a sufficient range for the needs of reversing or monitoring the movement of the vehicle in an environment where increased attention is required from the terms of safety. This camera meets the degree of protection IP68 which makes it waterproof, dustproof and resistant to mechanical damage. The camera can be installed on various surfaces thanks to the flexible rubber bottom with a 3M sticker. The camera is powered by DC 9-12V. Both cameras have an adjustable lens angle for a perfect viewing angle adjustment - 360°.

mini reversing rear view side mirror

The camera has an adjustable lens angle for perfect adjustment of the angle of view

dual reversing mini camera


PLUS Dual camera for all cars
plus Universal use - 3M sticker for mounting on the rearview mirror
plus 3M sticker for easy installation
plus Viewing angle 120-170°
plus Protection - IP68 waterproof


Technical specifications:

Model: Profio SI20
Type: side/rear camera
Chip: HD CCD
Resolution: 720x540 pixels (600 TVL)
System: NTSC
Viewing angle: 115 to 230° (230° two cameras together)
IP degree of protection: IP 68 waterproof
Power consumption: 7W, max. current 150mA
White balance: automatic
Minimum illumination: 0.2 Lux F1.8 = 1.2
LED light: no
DC power supply: 9-12V
Output interface: RCA
Adjustable viewing angle: yes 360°, for both cameras
Dimensions: 60x30 mm
Operating temperature: -20 to 70° C

Package contents:

1x Dual reversing camera
1x Power cable with switch
1x Connecting cable
1x Manual


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