4 pin unshielded cable for reversing camera 15 m

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Product description 4 pin unshielded cable for reversing camera 15 m

4 pin unshielded cable to reversing camera 15 m with waterproof processing of 4 pin threaded connector. Also suitable for AHD cameras. In case you need to pull the cable to a trailer, a semi-trailer that is disconnected from the car or the truck, the ideal choice is to combine the extension cable with the connecting cable to the reversing camera for trailers and semi-trailers that you can find in our offer. A high-quality 4-pin unshielded cable allows you to spread a clear and undisturbed signal. The 4-pin connector has a plug connector ensured against the unplugging with a thread with waterproof finish. This allows you to install the cable not only through the interior of the vehicle, but also in the exterior if needed or depending on type of vehicle. 

unshielded 4 pin connector for AHD cameras

High quality 4-pin unshielded cable
Clear, undisturbed signal transmission
Waterproof 4-pin threaded connector
Also suitable for AHD cameras


Package contents:

1x 4pin extension cable for reversing camera 15m


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