Camera in alarm clock WiFi P2P with 10 IR LEDs + 24/7 monitoring and motion detection

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Product description Camera in alarm clock WiFi P2P with 10 IR LEDs + 24/7 monitoring and motion detection

Camera in alarm clock WiFi P2P with 10 IR LEDs + 24/7 monitoring and motion detection function. The camera in the digital clock also supports two-way audio. The perfect combination of a spy camera and an alarm clock. You can use this product to monitor your home - play music - set an alarm clock. Image quality FULL HD resolution. The wifi camera offers a high-quality 30fps image with sharper and clearer details. 150° wide viewing angle and night vision, it has built-in 10 infrared IR LED lights to let you see more clearly in the night environment, these IR lights are completely invisible when recording at night.

Setting the current time and wake-up time, also displays the current temperature.

full hd wifi p2p camera in alarm clock with IR LED lights

Two-way audio and listening, allows you to talk and listen via mobile phone when they are in different places. The device has a built-in 2000mAh battery. Support iOS/Android app for direct monitoring over the Internet 24-hour continuous P2P remote monitoring with motion detection mode.

The video compression format is H.264, which has a higher bit rate and saves memory. An alarm clock with a hidden WiFi camera monitors what is happening in your apartment during your absence. You can watch the event remotely online or replay it. You no longer have to worry about leaving children or pets at home unattended. Thanks to its compact dimensions and unobtrusive appearance, it fits into any interior and you can easily place it anywhere in your home or office.

clock with hidden wifi camera

The hidden camera with night vision up to a distance of 6 meters covers an angle of 150°, records in FULL HD resolution, and in case of motion detection you will receive a push notification on your smartphone. Recorded recordings are optionally saved either on an inserted microSD card with a maximum capacity of 128GB (not included in the package), or directly on your phone, and thanks to Wi-Fi connection support, you can watch everything happening in front of the camera remotely on your smartphone. As with a classic alarm clock, the current time and alarm time can be set using the buttons on the top, it also displays the current temperature. The camera controls are located on the back of the alarm clock under the cover together with the battery, the camera lens is nicely hidden under the smoked glass in the clock display.

spy camera in the alarm clock

To connect the hidden camera in the alarm clock with your mobile phone or tablet via a Wi-Fi network, you need to install an application that can be downloaded for free in Google Play/App Store. Then you can use all the functions of the hidden camera, such as the possibility of watching a live preview, recording and then playing back the recordings made directly on the phone, or advanced settings of the camera parameters. Captured videos can also be easily played back on your PC. The battery in the alarm clock can be recharged with the included USB cable from a PC or from a regular USB adapter. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is enough to operate the camera for up to 2 hours, with a permanent connection to the mains, both the alarm clock and the camera can work practically non-stop.


Hidden camera in the alarm clock display
Motion detection at a distance of 6 meters
Video recording in Full HD resolution
Invisible IR illuminator for night vision up to a distance of approx. 5-8 meters
Fully functional device for use as a classic alarm clock or digital clock
This WiFi camera is compatible with the 2,4GHz network


FULL HD 1080p resolution
Support for memory cards up to 128GB (not included in the package)
Night vision: yes, 10 IR LEDs
Battery capacity; 2000 mAh
Weight: 175 g
Size: 131x37,5x62,5mm

Angle of view of hidden camera 150°
Support for microSD memory cards up to 128GB
Live video streaming option
Supports loop recording
Notification to the mobile application when motion is detected
Easy camera setup
Possibility to set the resolution or adjust the brightness and contrast of the camera in the application
Possibility to take pictures or videos (saved in phone memory)
30FPS shooting
Displaying the current time, wake-up time and temperature on the display
Battery life up to 5 hours
Battery 3,7V with a capacity of 2000mAh
The possibility of non-stop operation with constant power supply from the mains
Operating temperature -10-60°C

Package contents:

1x Alarm clock with hidden WiFi camera
1x USB power cable
1x manual


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