AHD hybrid DVR recorder 1080P/960H/720P - 16 inputs

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discount AHD hybrid DVR recorder 1080P/960H/720P - 16 inputs
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Product description AHD hybrid DVR recorder 1080P/960H/720P - 16 inputs

AHD hybrid DVR recorder 1080P / 960H / 720P - 16 inputs, has mobile PC access (via internet). This 16 channel DVR IQCCTV hybrid recorder (HD1080p, HD720p, 960H) offers the most modern digital recording via a standard cables. The recorder can record camera image either 1080p / 720p / 960H AHD cameras, or from conventional analog cameras and automatically captures it in the same format as the camera. DVR unit can record all 16 cameras simultaneously 15fps at Full HD1080p, or 25fps at 720p or 960H resolution.

DVR provides Full HD 1080p output to a monitor using VGA or HDMI. The recorder can connect 16 cameras. Easy installation of cameras "Plug and Play", just  connect one cable for power supply and video to  one camera and you can record. Easy operation with simple on-screen menu that you can control with a USB mouse, touchpad and remote control via the network.

16 Inputs AHD DVR

Another new feature is the option to automatically send video/photo files via the app Dropbox online service for sharing and backing up of files, either at the motion detection, or at the set intervals. The service provides additional protection for recorded files.

Dropbox application for DVR

As soon as you connect the set to a network (the Internet), you can easily view and control from anywhere in the world using a smartphone (Android), tablet, PC and Mac (iOS) computers. The DVR can be connected to hard drive up to a maximu 12 TB and it also has 8 audio inputs and 1 output if you wish to add a sound.

You do not need to have a fixed IP address or to log in to the DDNS service. For those who do not want to use direct IP connection is also available HD CCTV feature that is added to the new series of DVR. It gives you the ability to remotely connect via a dynamic IP address. The application also allows multi-camera viewing and the ability to play recorded images from DVR.


Mobile application XIQ-CMS-1

Application "XIQ Mobile CMS" for tablets and smartphones you can download for free in the app store and using the "Snap Shots" function you can set up e-mail alerts that are really useful. You will certainly appreciate alerts when there is some disruption of area monitored by security cameras.

email alert security cameras

Function of advanced Motion Detection will ensure the start of recording if is captured any movement in the monitored area. This is a digital motion detection (not the classical motion sensor) which is much more accurate and efficient. Using the supplied software you can set the days and hours when will be this function activated.

Advanced Motion Detection Camera

For easy operation and setup, the DVR is equipped with On Screen Display (GUI) and can be controlled using the new function of touchpad or mouse (both are supplied as standard).

softvare DVR setting 00001

By using the easy camera settings, the system enables very easy settings how camera should record, either when motion is detected or continuous recording. You can set up exactly the day and hour of recording of cameras. If you need during working hours continuous monitoring of area, just set the time, for example from 8:00 to 17:00 the cameras will record continuously and from 17:00 only when motion is detected (possible distortions of space), the sstem will inform you about that via e-mail alert. The advantage of the multiple camera system is, that you can adjust each camera separately, what gives you a great variability in the monitoring.

DVR clips from cameras 00001


plus Max. recording resolution: 15 fps at 1080p; 25fps at 720p/960H
plus Possibility to connect 2 hard disks up to 6 TB (12 TB together)  - not included
plus Ethernet - 1 x RJ45 port (10/100 m)
plus 16 channels AHD/960H camera inputs (BNC)
plus 8 channel audio inputs/1 output
plus Backup USB/Internet
plus P2P remote access via Smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac

Technical specifications:

Model: IQR1080D16
Video compression: H.264
Video system: PAL / NTSC
Video input/output: 16 Ch. inputs, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI
Spot output: No
Audio input/output: 8 Ch. inputs, 1 Ch. output (RCA)
Display resolution: PAL: 960x576 / 1280x720 / 1920x1080 @ 25fps
Display function: Single, Quad, SEQ
Recording resolution: PAL: 960x576 (960H), 1280x720 (720p), 1920x1080 (1080p)
Recording speed: PAL: 960H Mode / 720P mode: 25fps 1080p 15fps
Recording mode: Continuous / Manual / Motion Detection
Playback channel 1/8 Ch.
Frame rate: PAL: 960H Mode / 720P mode: 25fps 1080p 15fps
Sensor and Alarm I/O: No
IR Extender Port: No
Network: LAN, DHCP, Dynamic IP and DDNS
HDD Interface: 2 SATA HDD, up to 6 TB each
Multiplex operation: Live view, recording, playback, backup and network
USB: 2 x USB (for mouse and backup/upgrade)
PTZ control: Yes
Mobile Surveillance: XIQ CMS - Android and iOS
CMS Software: Yes
Web browser: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
VGA: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1920x1080
HDMI 1080P
Power supply: 12V DC
Fan: No
On/Off Switch: No
Remote control: Yes
Housing Dimensions (WxHxD): 380x50x340mm

DVR channel IQR1080

AHD Camera Specification IQR1080bbvc-2

1x DVR - IQR1080D16
1x Power Adapter
1x USB mouse
1x Remote Control
1x Manual
1x Installation CD


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