Wifi CCTV set 4 Wireless HD 720P cameras and NVR

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new Wifi CCTV set 4 Wireless HD 720P cameras and NVR
Manufacturer X Vision
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Product description Wifi CCTV set 4 Wireless HD 720P cameras and NVR

Wifi CCTV set 4 Wireless HD Camera 720P DVR and NVR. Model: XS720V4-HP of brand X-Vision.

● HD CCTV system with 4 cameras and DVR for 8 Cameras for future expansion of system
● DIY installation - simply connect the camera to the NVR using HomePlug - No cable is needed for connection of cameras and DVR.

Camera Specifications:
● Maximum resolution 1280x720 at 30 frames per second
● Xvision 3,6 mm HD Megapixel lens with 78 ° viewing angle
● X1K Xvision DSP-IP
● 0,001 lux low light sensitivity
● Intelligent 20/30m IR night vision
● Antivandal
● Designed for installation on ceiling or wall
● Weather-resistant IP66

NVR specification:
● Recording Speed: 720P/1080P: 240fps in real time (30 frames per second for each camera)
● Remote access via smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac
● E-mail alert
● VGA and HDMI outputs
● Controling via USB mouse (not supplied)
● 100 Mbps LAN connection
● Plug and Play external recording via eSATA or USB
● Estimated file size for 1 camera for 1 day: 130 GB at 1080p and 30 fps, 43 GB at 1080p and 10 fps, 58 GB at 720p and 30 fps, 19 GB at 720p and 10 fps

4x XC720V camera
4x Power Supplies for Cameras (TP121250)
5x Homeplugs (XHP210)
1x Recorder NVR (XRN0808E)


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