Veho Pebble SmartStick 2200 mAh - portable battery

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Product description Veho Pebble SmartStick 2200 mAh - portable battery

Veho Pebble SmartStick 2200 mAh portable battery and charger for cell phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, Cameras and many other products.


Pebble SmartStick External Battery - Charger for Camera

Charge your portable device on the move without the need for mains power. Small and light enough to carry around in your bag, the PEBBLE™ Smartstick portable emergency charger will provide your mobile device with up to one additional charge, charging most popular devices including; Apple 30pin, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and devices that use mini or micro USB. The USB port on the PEBBLE™ Smartstick also allows you to charge your mobile device with the supplied manufacture’s cable.

*Compatible with iPhone 5 when used with the Apple supplied lightning charging cable*

Pebble SmartStick Charger

Pebble SmartStick Black pack chargerKey features:

- Will charge most popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPod,Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC
- Packed with 2200Mah emergency battery power for a whole charge of most popular smartphones or mobile devices
- Comes with 5 connectors, 1 charging cable and stylish carry sock
- Blue and Red LED Charging indicators for re-charge notification
- Available in 4 super sleek and stylish colours (Black, Silver, Pink, Purple)

What's included:

- 1 x Pebble Smartstick
- 1 x USB charging cable
- 5 x device charging tips (30 pin iPhone tip, Sony Ericsson, Nokia pin tip, mini USB and micro USB)
- 1 x Carry pouch
- 1 x User manual


8.6cm (d) x 2.2 cm (diameter)


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