USB key Audio recorder 4GB - sound recording

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Product description USB key Audio recorder 4GB - sound recording

USB key Audio recorder 4GB - sound recording​​. A useful and unobtrusive audio recorder that looks like a classic USB flash drive but its much more than that.

Imagine a situation where you need to want to record some conversation between you and other people, or other people with each other. This 4GB USB key is a great helper for such cases.

USB Audio recorder - the recording of sound on 4GB USB key for sale at a bargain price you can buy online in our e-shop. See our offer and find what you're looking for.


usb audio recorder for sound recording

Device features:

Memory: 4 GB
Easy to use, plug and play, you don´t need aby controller
2v1 combination: 4GB USB key + hidden audio recorder
Supported format WAV
Rechargeable lithium battery, charging via USB 2.0 port (PC /notebook)
Up to 5 hours of permanent recording after one recharge
Play formats: WAV
Dimensions: L: 64 x W 20 x H: 7 (mm)


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