Timekettle WT2 Edge - Voice Bluetooth translator headset

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new discount Timekettle WT2 Edge - Voice Bluetooth translator headset
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Product description Timekettle WT2 Edge - Voice Bluetooth translator headset

Timekettle WT2 Edge - Bluetooth voice translator headset. Communication abroad will be quite easy for you, regardless of language barriers. Timekettle WT2 Edge is an absolutely unique translator for two-way real-time voice translation in the world, you can buy it in our eshop for sale. Wireless headphones with an intelligent translator, which bring a revolution for communication. It is the world's first talking translator with artificial intelligence for comfortable real-time translation directly via headphones, i.e. without the need for translation directly via your smartphone.

Timekettle WT2 Edge - Bluetooth voice translator

This best online speech translator combines state-of-the-art voice algorithm and machine translation technology. has redefined translators with significant and innovative way, bringing new opportunities to its users and companies on the market. An electronic translator of sentences and texts that will change your view of communication and travel in the world, no matter what you need to translate. No more expensive language interpreter or google translator will be needed.

Translator supports translation of up to 40 languages (Including various 93 accents)

List of supported languages for translation:

Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Dutch, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Cantonese (honkg kong), Catalan, Korean, Malay, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian, Tamil, Telugu (India), Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, etc.

In English you can choose up to 13 different accents such as (USA, Australia, Canada, UK other..) Also in Spanish you can choose up to 20 different accents (Spain, USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela and others..) also in In Arabic you have a choice of up to 15 different accents such as (United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Israel, Morocco and others..) So also an English-Spanish or German-Spanish translator of sentences and texts (voice).

wt2 edge language translator

WT2 Edge uses 15 servers worldwide for ultra-fast translation

wt2 edge - translation of world languages

Compared to the previous WT2 Plus model, the new WT2 Edge is 33% smaller and 46% lighter

wt2 edge - a revolutionary language translator

The way to use the WT2 Edge translator is quite simple, just download the freely available application "timekettle" (iOS, Android) to your mobile phone, pair with the headset via Bluetooth connection (min. Bluetooth version 4.2 and higher), then both persons insert the handset to the ear and can communicate immediately. The principle of communication is that you speak in your language and the other person hears the translation in the handset in set language. Therefore, real face-to-face communication will no longer be a problem. The revolutionary translator will find its use when traveling, on business trips, visiting international shops or hotels, and on many other occasions when communication is an obstacle.

wt2 edge - language translation worldwide

Introduce yourself to the world!

When traveling abroad, there is nothing worse than being stuck in an unknown location without the possibility of effective communication. With WT2 Edge, you'll never be in such situation because it ensures natural real-time communication without the use of hands. Immerse into the local culture while traveling, openly express yourself and create more meaningful connections with the people you meet.

wt2 edge timekettle - comfortable speech translation

Immediate activation - ready to use compiler at any time

WT2 Edge is unique in its signal processing technology, which is different from other competitors on the market. For communication, it is no necessary to activate the phone or another person does not need to download the smart application. Everything you need for communication is that both of you putt the wireless handset into the ear, and WT2 will take care of a comfortable translation.

wt2 edge - timekettle translator

ON-THE-GO intelligent algorithm

The main algorithm allows communication even in the most noisy outdoor environment. With automatic voice detection and signal pickup, WT2 provides absolute hands-free communication in a variety of languages. The communication abroad will be easy for you, regardless of language barriers.

language translation - timekettle wt2 edge

Dual noise reduction - every single word counts!

Based on algorithms and noise reduction enables WT2 Edge to have up to 95% accuracy in translation, making your talking with a foreigner completely natural.

language translation - voice translator

Multilingual support with globalization

WT2 Edge currently supports 40 languages and 93 dialects, which will be added and updated in the future.

wt2 edge translator - language support

Long battery life - longer than you need!

WT2 Edge provides up to 5 hours of battery life per one charge, over 12 hours of battery life with rechargeable case - Dock station and up to approximately 30 days in standby mode.

timekettle wt2 plus

Comparation table of translators:

compiler translator



Great design
Battery life up to 12 hours
Automatic connection
Translation of 40 languages and 93 accents for each language
Compatible for iOS and Android
95% translation accuracy



Product: WT2 Edge translator
Manufacturer: Timekettle
Color: white
Language support: 40
Number of accents: 93
Support: Bluetooth 4.2 and higher (mobile connection via app)
Battery charging: Lithium Polymer/90 minutes
Battery life up to 12 hours/for 4 charges from the power dock
Continuous translation: 3 hours
System support: iOS 11.0 / Android 7.0 and higher

The package contains:

2x Bluetooth headset
1x Charging dock station
1x USB power cable
2x Ear hook
2x Spare earplugs (Earmuffs)

wt2 edge


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