Tie camera FULL HD + remote control

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Product description Tie camera FULL HD + remote control

Tie camera FULL HD + remote control+ 220mAh battery + motion detection. Hidden spy camera in tie records videos in Full HD resolution (1920x1080) and stores them on a memory card up to 32GB (not included). The Full HD tie camera allows you to record videos discreetly anywhere, anytime. There are situations where we cannot record videos with a conventional camera or smartphone, and we have to find other way how to create a visual record. Then come the special cameras hidden from the eyes of the surroundings. The lithium battery in combination with the small size of the camera is perfectly designed for inconspicuous placement in the tie and you can unobtrusively record everything you need. You can also operate it remotely using the remote control.

Thanks to the discreet lens placement, you can record anything totally unnoticed

tie with spy camera

Mini camera in the tie records Full HD (1920x1080) videos and stores them on a memory card (not included) up to 32GB. The battery has a capacity of 220 mAh what is enough for 70-80 minutes of recording. To save the energy, the device also has the motion detection function, when recording starts only when the camera detecs any motion.



Unobtrusive location of the camera
Video resolution up to 1080P
Supports memory cards up to 32GB
Motion detection function



Video resolution: 1080P
Frame rate: 30fps
Video format: AVI
Angle of view: 90°
Input: Mini 5pin USB
Battery capacity: 220 mAh
Maximum battery life: up to 80 min
Maximum memory card capacity up to 32 GB

Package includes:

1x Camera in the tie
1x USB cable for power supply
1x Remote control
1x Manual


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