Spy watch camera with motion detection

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Product description Spy watch camera with motion detection

Spy camera with motion detection - unique spy shop products for best price. ISO EN 9001:2008 certified online seller. Resolution of clock camera 640 x 480px with a built-in lithium battery.

The spy camera in clock is very effective if you have suspicion that someone is stealing or cheating on you. Now you can finally find out the truth with this great spy camera hidden in the watch. Just put the camera somewhere in the room on a table or shelf and just wait what will happen. Later, you can play all the important recorded videos and maybe you will be very surprised what you might see on the records from the camera.

The spy camera in clock is made ​​of steel parts and looks very elegant. No one even think that it may contain a hidden camera. Built-in accumulator keeps the camera running at continuous video record up to 1,5 hours. Charging is by connection to a computer's USB port or by connection to any USB charger.

Spy watch camera with motion detection

Camera in clock records 30 frames per second in AVI format 640x480. You can connect camera to your computer with USB cable and use it as a webcam or an external flash drive, and you can watch records on the computer.

Specifications of spy camera in clock

- Built in motion detection
- Image sensor CMOS 2Mpx
- Viewing angle: 62 degrees
- Minimal illumination: 1 Lux
- Support: Micro SD Card / TF card - (1GB - 32GB)
- Lenght of video record: 1 hour = 2,5GB
- USB: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
- Video format: AVI format 640x480px / 30 fps
- Resolution of photo: 1280 x 960
- Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 300mAh 
- Continuous recording: 1.5 hours
- Dimensions: 70mm x 19mm
- Weight: 50g


- Digital mini camera in clock
- USB cable for connection to PC
- Manual

Note to way of recording by mini camera with using of motion detection

At the moment when the camera software determines that any movement has occurred (distortion of protected area), the camera starts video recording camera of length of 30 minutes.



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