Spy voice recorder 360°- password protection + 16GB memory

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Product description Spy voice recorder 360°- password protection + 16GB memory

Spy voice recorder 360°- password protection + 16GB memory. Hidden digital audio sound recorder and dictaphone with 360° surround recording. The device also offers password protection, alarm function, MP3 player. It is a long-range portable stereo spy recorder with built-in microphone and high-performance speaker and 360° surround recording. The recorder is powered either by the included USB cable or by a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery (300mAh), which when fully charged offers  continuous voice and sound recording up to 30 hours (MP3 format). You do not need headphones to play audio files, but headphones can be used for private audio playback. Unique voice recorder  with 16GB memory. Digital spy audio portable recorder for you. Best dictaphone you can buy online for a good price.

360° surround recording for long range recording

spy voice recorder

The digital voice recorder has an LCD screen, where you can see the progress of individual commands and functions. Thanks to its portable compact design, you can always keep and hide your voice recorder as a spy device in your pocket, for example, to record secret or discreet conversations or various audio details. The voice recorder is the ideal mobile recorder for capturing sounds over longer distances. The recorder menu is available in 24 languages. The device also offers password protection, alarm clock function, MP3 player of your favorite songs, which you can transfer to the device via the included USB data cable.

Password protection and low battery indicator and automatic saving of the recorded file.

dictaphone with password protection


  • 16 GB storage device.
  • 360° surround recording
  • One-button noise reduction: Press the “Noise C” button to reduce ambient noise.
  • Power: the device connects to a USB port on your computer or via a rechargeable battery (300 mah),
    continuous recording up to 30 hours (MP3 format)
  • Device menu in 24 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Turkish, Korean, Romanian, Danish, Hungarian, 
    Norwegian, Finnish, Slovak, Sweden.

hidden voice recorder


Supported FLAC, APE, MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV music formats.
Long-term voice recording
Built-in battery: 300mah (up to 30 hours)
Recording model: PCM WAV 0.1536 Kbps, 512 Kbps, 192 Kbps, 32 Kbps
Working with Windows and Mac OS
Time setting of the record. Time and date stamps, as well as the time when the file was created.
Built-in speaker and microphone
The device menu is in 24 languages
LCD screen
Password protection
Alarm function
Offer multiple folders to organize all your recordings.
Storage capacity: 16 GB
Response frequency range: 200Hz-10000Hz
Universal USB 2.0 port, high speed data transfer
Recording format: PCM WAV or MP3 format
Music format: MP3 (MPEG1 / 2 / 2.5 AUDIO LAYER 3) / WMA
Material: Zinc alloy body
Operating temperature: 0℃ - 40℃
Dimensions: 100 * 18 * 16mm
Weight: 90 g


One-touch recording, press REC, start recording
New generation of time stamp feature, audio files sorted by time
Voice activated recording
Select music/voice mode
Accurate clock mode
Loop playback mode: Normal, One cycle, Repeat all
Low battery indication and automatic saving of recorded file
MP3 player
Support function to delete files
Phone call recording, built-in microphone recording, external microphone recording, Line-in recording
Built-in high performance speaker, no headphones are required to play audio files,
but can be used to incognito playback of recorded files.
File encryption (Optional)

Package contents:

1x Digital Voice Recorder
1x USB data cable
1x headphones
1x User manual


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