Spy listening set with high quality headphones

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Product description Spy listening set with high quality headphones

Spy listening set with high quality headphones. The probe is designed to be inserted into cracks in the walls to provide even better sound. These spy listening devices are made ​​from the finest materials and is very sensitive. You can listen even through thick concrete walls. You can choose either wall roll or long probe. The listening roll will be attached to the wall and the sensitive needle transforms vibrations into sound.

The long probe is intended  to be placed in gaps, cracks or holes in walls what ensures even better sound quality. Included with remote control with volume adjustment and adjustment of sensitivity shooting of vibration. Also able to store recorded sounds.

If you decided to spy listen someone, use this professional device with which you will not miss any voice.

spy set for listening and wiretapping


  • 3,7 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery life of about 80 hours
  • 4 power stages: (200 MHz), B (800MHz) C (1200MHz)
  • Audio amplification 2400x
  • Current consumption 10 mA
  • The frequency range can be adjusted
  • Concrete wall, cement, wood, steel, glass, etc..
Package includes:

1x Spy wall listening device
1x High-quality headphones
1x spy probe
1x AC Charger
1x Manual
1x Safety case


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