Smallest Pinhole Spy Camera with Li-on battery

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Product description Smallest Pinhole Spy Camera with Li-on battery

The smallest micro pinhole spy camera with an internal battery and remote control, built-in battery will guarantee up to 12 hours of continuous recording. Lithium batteries combined with the small size of the camera is perfectly designed for discreet placement inside any office, flat, house and other areas.

Camera can be controlled using remote control. The camera records video at resolutions 1280x960 despite the minimum dimension of the lens, which is only 8 mm. The camera stores records on inserted microSD card up to 32 GB  and it has function of cycling recording (automatically rewrite old files)Small size, micro lens and Li-on battery makes this camera a very useful tool in the espionage world.  


  • Size: 8.5 x5x1cm, 8 mm lens.
  • 2500 mAh battery, can record up to 12 hours.
  • Recording on micro SD card up to 32 GB supported
  • Video resolution: 1280 * 960, avi format


  • Micro spy pinhole camera with microphone.
  • Minimum weight and small compact design.
Package includes:
  1. Micro camera with Li-on battery
  2. Remote Control
  3. USB cable


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