Reversing set - 7" LED WiFi monitor + 2x WiFi camera

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Product description Reversing set - 7" LED WiFi monitor + 2x WiFi camera

Reversing set - 7" LED WiFi monitor + 2x WiFi camera - has a wide range of use, thanks to high performance WiFi antenna it is suitable not only for cars but also van, minibus, bus, truck, semi-trailers and other vehicles. It is ideal choice for installation of quality reversing system. Thanks to its parameters and connection of reversing camera with monitor via WiFi, the installation is easy.

You do not have to plug reversing system as before, with complicated cables through the interior of vehicle. This set contains 1x WiFi 7" monitor in the car and 2x WiFi reversing camera (you can connect two more WiFi reversing cameras). Monitor with camera are equipped with an adjustable console, which you can place on needed place. IP level of camera protection is up to IP68 waterproof, dustproof and resistant to damage.

This WiFi reversing set is unique with an extra large range of WiFi connection up to 100m

Cups wifi set 2
The WiFi monitor can be connected simultaneously to four WiFi cameras, what you will appreciate especially for installation on larger vehicles, where you need more views from different angles. With this system you will know exactly what happens behind the vehicle or around it. LED monitor has a brightness of 300:1 with a resolution of 800x480. The lens with wide angle of viewing up to 150 ° is also equipped with IR night vision. WiFi signal has a range of up to 100m which will guarantee good response of signal from the reversing camera.
Wifi pull-down version for truck with two sidings

To this wifi parking set you can also buy another reversing camera in our offer.


WiFi 7" LED monitor
WiFi reversing camera with signal range up to 100m
Installation without cabling
Monitor with the possibility to connect up to 4 WiFi cameras
Function of IR night vision


Technical specifications of the monitor:

7" LED Monitor
System: PAL/NTSC
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution of monitor: 800 x 480
Inputs: 4 channel 2.4G wireless video signal input
Contrast: 300:1
Settings: brightness, contrast, color
Power supply: DC 12V-24V
Power consumption: 5W
Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ° C
Storage temperature: -20 to 70 ° C
Dimensions: 180 x121 x 24 mm


Camera specifications:

Image sensor: SHARP 1/4 CMOS
Resolution: 420 TV lines
WiFi: 2.4G WiFi with a range of 100 meters
Minimum lighting: 1 LUX
IR night vision: yes
Viewing angle: 150°
IP level of protection: IP 68 waterproof, dustproof, resistant to damage
Power consumption: 3W
Working temperature: -10 to 60 ° C
Storage temperature: -20 to 70 ° C
Dimensions: 86,5 x 77 x 75mm


Package contents:

1x 7" LED WiFi monitor
2x WiFi camera
1x Remote control
1x Manual


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