Reversing camera connection cable with 4-pin cinch connector

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Product description Reversing camera connection cable with 4-pin cinch connector

Reversing camera connection cable with 4-pin cinch connector. Create a reversing system according to your needs. Connection of a reversing camera with a 4-pin cinch connector to professional reversing sets or monitors. This connecting cable allows you to connect your reversing camera with a cinch connector to the RCS reversing monitors that have support for connecting up to 4 reversing cameras at the same time. 

You can improve your older reversing system, which mostly supported only one camera connection. It is possible to combine 4-pin RCS reversing cameras with your cinch camera. Interconnecting cable except video cinch connector also includes audio cinch and camera power connector. You do not have to mount the reversing camera on the reversing lights. RCS reversing monitors power the cameras directly through the cable, and all the required switching cables are powered directly from the monitor through the fuse box. 

connecting cable to reversing sets from cinch to 4pin


Connecting the reverse cameras with the cinch connector to 4-pin connector
The possibility to connect your cinch camera to the RCS monitor with support up to 4 reverse cameras
The possibility to combine cinch camera with RCS 4-pin cameras in our offer
You can create a reversing set exactly by your requirements

Package contents:

1x Connecting cable from cinch connector to 4-pin connector


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