Multifunctional car MP5 player 4,3" display Bluetooth V5.0 video/audio/photo + FM transmitter and Handsfree

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Product description Multifunctional car MP5 player 4,3" display Bluetooth V5.0 video/audio/photo + FM transmitter and Handsfree

Multifunctional car MP5 player 4,3" display Bluetooth V5.0 video/audio/photo + FM transmitter and Handsfree, compatible with Android/iOS devices. Multimedia video player not only for children. With this FM car transmitter, you no longer have to worry about interrupted radio broadcasts. All you have to do is to insert a MicroSD card or a USB drive to which you have already copied your favorite songs and listen.

Tune to the radio frequency you want using the FM transmitter. Or with the AUX cable you can also listen to your MP3 files directly in your car sound system. You can also watch movies and videos in HD quality on the 4,3-inch display (of course, we do not recommend using this function while driving). The MP5 player is powered using the included USB cable to the car ignition or from a power bank or tablet.

Multimedia MP5 player for the car 4,3" display - Bluetooth V5.0 - video, audio, photo - FM transmitter + Handsfree

MP5 car player with 4,3" display

The package includes a fastening clip, which you can use to attach the MP5 player to the ventilation grid in the car. Universal 4,3" display car video player, MP5 video playback, FM radio and hands-free music playback - this player is multifunctional, very practical for the needs of the driver in the car. This device has 4 playback modes: USB interface, TF card, Bluetooth 5.0, AUX cable plug and play. Memory playback function - automatic connection after power on, it starts playing music from the last song played. The car cigarette lighter socket with USB port is compatible with phones and tablets for charging devices.

VIDEO Player - watching movies and videos on a 4,3" display in HD quality

video mp5 player - watching movies on a 4,3" display

Installing the MP5 player is easy - attach it into the ventilation grid in the car using a clip

mp5 player for the car

Listening to the radio, playing music, hands-free - multifunctional device MP5 player

You can listen to music from a USB disk or turn on the radio, and at the same time you can make calls via Bluetooth V5.0 without a mobile phone in your hand, just like handsree

MP5 player for the car 4,3" display Bluetooth V5.0

USB disk support, AUX support, TF card support - play video or movie directly from the storage device

In addition to the possibility of playing music or movies directly from a USB disk or TF card, the device also offers the possibility of connecting the sound via an AUX cable directly to your car audio system


4,3 inch car display

MP5 player compatible with Android/iOS devices

You can also play individual songs or videos from Android/iOS devices such as a smartphone, tablet, camera, MP3 player, etc., the player is compatible with them

MP5 player for car lcd Android/iOS devices

MP5 player for the car with remote control

car monitor with hands-free fm transmitter and video




  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • 4,3" display
  • MP5 player for the car
  • FM transmitter
  • USB disk support
  • AUX support
  • TF card support
  • Video, audio, photo support
  • Handsfree calling
  • Remote control
  • Simple installation in the ventilation grid
  • Power supply via the USB cable of the car charger



Working voltage: 12-24V
Operating voltage limit: 9-30V
Screen size: 4,3"
Playback format: audio, photo and video
SNR: >60DB
Distortion: <0.1%
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Bluetooth audio processing: A2DP
Bluetooth transmission distance: 5 meters
Bluetooth microphone effective distance: 0.5-2 meters
FM frequency: 87,5-108,0 MHz
USB output: 5V 2,1A 5V 1A
USB disk support: 32GB max
Support playback mode: AUX, U disk, TF, Bluetooth
Image format support: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
Audio format support: MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, DTS, etc.
Video format support: MKV, AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.
Dimensions: 11,5x1,4x8,2 cm
Weight: 278 g

Package contents:

1x car player
1x remote control
1x car charger for the car
1x back buckle
1x AUX cable
1x manual


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