Monocular Infrared with night vision up to 120m + 6x ZOOM rangefinder

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Product description Monocular Infrared with night vision up to 120m + 6x ZOOM rangefinder

Monocular Infrared with night vision up to 120m + 6x ZOOM rangefinder. Military monocular 400m during the day with the ability to zoom in and a rangefinder up to 200m. Advanced night vision technology allows you to see in total darkness up to 120m with 7 levels of infrared illumination. 6x ZOOM, zoom in on the object using the built-in 3X optical zoom and 2X digital zoom, and the easily controlled digital screen is for comfortable viewing, without the option of recording photos or videos.

Monocular with night vision up to 120m at night

Monocular with night vision up to 120m at night + 6x ZOOM rangefinder

Distance up to 200m - the rangefinder captures the distance up to 200m in less than 0,2 seconds with one click. Simple button navigation, compact design - you can comfortably hold the monocular in one hand (weighs only 376 g, even with batteries). Long battery life - up to 9 hours of power for day use and 4 hours for night use (works with 6 x AA 1,5V alkaline batteries, not included).

Range finder - Distance meter up to 200m

Distance meter up to 200m - monocular for night vision

The rangefinder function allows you to measure the distance between you and your target object up to 200m at an angle of 80 degrees up or down. Your reliable companion for your day and night adventures - whether you're watching wildlife, walking through nature, watching sports or monitoring your property, you can relay on Gray Bear night vision to meet your needs.

Military monocular with the ability to zoom in on the image

infrared monocular military - use, hiking surveillance


Product features:

Quick navigation in all functions: setting IR levels/screen brightness/ZOOM, access to range finder function
An easy-to-use focus wheel lets you adjust and optimize your shots.
Compact, light and ergonomic design
Comfortable grip - fits in one hand and comes with wrist strap and protective case.
Tripod compatible (tripod not included)
Long battery life - 9 hours day/4 hours night (batteries are not included in he package).


Digital night vision with IR LED
Large aperture F1.4
Visible distance: 120m night, 400m day
Range finder distance: up to 200 m
6xZOOM: 3x optical lens/ 2x digital zoom
Automatic day and night dual mode
Button to adjust screen brightness
Improved battery space and easy installation
Battery life: up to 9 hours during the day/4 hours during the night
Ideal for hunting, camping, hiking, animal watching, security, etc.
EVF viewfinder mode
Aspect ratio 4:3
TFT screen 1,5"
Aperture F1.4
IR filter: auto
Product dimensions‏:‎ 12,75 x 5,85 x 9,35 cm
Weight: 376 grams

Package contents:

1x night vision
1x case
1x hanging strap
1x cleaning cloth
1x user manual


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