Mini voice recorder in keychain - Dog + 8GB memory + headphones

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Product description Mini voice recorder in keychain - Dog + 8GB memory + headphones

Mini voice recorder in a keychain - Dog + 8GB memory + headphones. Automatic sound detection and recording. Spy Voice recorder hidden in a toy with 8 GB memory for secret sound recording and stereo headphones. Sound recorder - portable, looks like a toy - dog pendant. The recorder is powered either via the included USB cable or via a rechargeable 400mAh polymer battery, which when fully charged offers continuous recording of voice and sounds for up to 70 hours in WAV format. The included headphones can be used to play audio files. Discreet audio recording anywhere.

Spy voice (sound recorder) in a dog-shaped keychain (pendant)

voice recorder in a dog pendant

Thanks to its portable compact design, you can always easily store the voice recorder or hide it as a spy device, for example in a pocket, so that you can record secret or discreet conversations or various audio details. The voice recorder is the ideal mobile recorder for capturing sounds over longer distances. The device also offers an MP3 player function for your favorite songs, which you can transfer to the device via the included USB data cable.

Automatic sound recording - starts when an increased noise level is detected

voice recorder in a keychain dog

Digital voice recorder hidden in a toy - key-chain 8GB internal memory. The device offers 4 functions in one - sound recording, mp3 player, USB drive, automatic sound recording - starts when an increased noise level is detected. It is an innovative device that combines an elegant design and at the same time a pleasant design to use all its functions. The digital dictaphone hidden in the key-chain records sound in top quality thanks to the noise reduction and is therefore a great addition to training, business meetings, business and other purposes of recording conversations. The integrated 8 GB memory provides plenty of storage space for recording long-lasting voice recordings, also thanks to the built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 400 mAh, which will serve for up to approximately 70 hours of continuous recording.

mini spy recorder in a dog keychain

The sound detection function is important - automatic recording starts when sound is recorded

The recorder also serves as an MP3 player thanks to the integrated memory to which you can use a USB cable to record your favorite songs, or play back recorded conversations and then listen to them through headphones. Various other files can be uploaded to the integrated 8 GB memory, so the key-chain also performs the classic function of a portable USB flash drive. Thanks to its miniature dimensions, the mini dictaphone is a portable and practical recording device that can be used in various life situations, when an inconspicuous way of recording sound is also needed.

hidden dictaphone in keychain voice record



Start one-touch recording
Voice recorder
Automatic recording function in case of sound detection
MP3, WMA and WAV player
USB flash drive with 8GB internal memory
Stereo headphones


Audio recording format: WAV
Audio quality: 192KBPS
Features: one-touch audio recording, automatic audio recording, mp3 player
Internal memory: 8GB
Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery 400mAh
Recording time (battery life): up to 70 hours
Supported formats for playback: mp3, wav, wma
Dimensions: 60x43x35mm


Package contents:

1x digital dictaphone
1x headphones
1x USB cable
1x lace
1x manual


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