MINI FULL HD pinhole camera 90° angle + audio recording

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new MINI FULL HD pinhole camera 90° angle + audio recording
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Product description MINI FULL HD pinhole camera 90° angle + audio recording

Mini FULL HD pinhole camera 90° angle + audio recording, the camera is only a component, it is necessary to connect to the existing WIFI DVR recorder using a micro USB cable. This pinhole camera is an accessory to the AHD WIFI set, with the possibility of changing the camera, the connection is via a micro USB cable directly to the DVR device.

Micro pinhole camera component for connection to Wifi DVR recorder

FULL HD pinhole camera 90° angle audio recording miniature camera

Through the micro USB slot, you can connect various cameras to the module, depending on which one you need - wide-angle lens, night vision, micro camera, etc. The device supports audio recording - a camera with a microphone, also records sound. The camera captures images in high FULL HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Button camera, FULL HD resolution, built-in microphone, 90° viewing angle.

In addition to the pinhole camera, it is also necessary to purchase a Wifi DVR recorder SET with the possibility of connecting different types of cameras

You can find an offer of cameras that can be connected to a Wi-Fi DVR using a micro USB connector in our e-shop

pinhole camera lenses various


plus Mini Pinhole FULL HD camera
plus Video with 1080P resolution
plus 90° viewing angle
plus Built-in microphone



Camera type: mini pinhole
Viewing angle: 90°
TV system: PAL/NTSC
Sound recording: yes
Motion detection: yes
Night vision: no (the function is available when using another camera)
Resolution: 1080P
Cable length: 1,5m
Dimensions: 1,5cm x 1,5cm

Package contents:

1x Pinhole camera


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