Inspection camera with 2,4" LCD display in the watch

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Product description Inspection camera with 2,4" LCD display in the watch

Inspection camera with 2,4" LCD display in watches and other inspection cameras on sale online - good price. We are specialists in the world of cameras. Inspection camera with a diameter of 8,5 mm, which is attached to the gooseneck with a length of 800 mm, the device offers the possibility of exchange of longer gooseneck (necessary to buy separately). The camera captures the image in 640 x 480 resolution and frame rate of 30fps.

For exploring the hard to reach areas and mainly dark areas, you will appreciate the feature of illumination by 6 LEDs, which are integrated in the lens and the light intensity can be regulated by potentiometer. Endoscopic camera is powered from the clock, in which is built-in rechargeable 950mAh battery and also built-in 2,4" LCD display for live view of camera. The clock also allows storing of the records on the memory card, which maximum capacity can be up to 32GB.

Application: Suitable for use in surveying pipes, for devices, device equipment, underwater exploration, installation, montage, construction, workrooms, laboratories, education, maintenance and repair of cars, checking hard to reach places, etc.

Model: 88G
Display: 2,4 "TFT LCD (480x234)
Sensor: 1/6 "VGA CMOS
Video resolution: 640x480px
Frame rate: 30 / fps - frames per second
Camera head diameter: 8.5 mm
Pipe diameter: 4.8 mm
Light sources: LED (6 pcs)
Length of gooseneck: 800 mm
Waterproof: IP67
Angle of view: 65 °
Focal length: 2-8 cm


1x Clock with display
1x Endoscope
1x Gooseneck
1x USB cable
1x Video cable


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