Headphones translation Timekettle M2 for 93 languages

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Product description Headphones translation Timekettle M2 for 93 languages

Headphones translation Timekettle M2 for 93 languages + accents translator in wireless earbuds. IPX4 protection + voice calls and music listening - Multifunctional headphones. Translate wherever you want, and you can also use the M2 OnlineTranslator to play music and make phone calls. The translation headphones are compatible for iOS and Android applications and dispose with the unique Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The smart headphones have an ergonomic safe design, fit securely and comfortably into the ear and have IPX4 sweat and water resistance.

The M2 handsfree headphones as an electronic translator are easy to use, it is simply a brilliantly intelligent device with multi functions and the latest technologies. The translation headphones have a touch mode for two-way conversation, i.e. no complicated or confusing controls, just tap the headphones with your finger. Global reach and deployment - M2 connects to 14 high-speed servers around the world, ensuring an extremely fast translation that always outclass any translation application or hardware. And last but not least, there is a long battery life - it supports up to 6 hours of listening and translation per a single charge.

Thanks to the feedback and experiences of our users, we understand that you want a more - a sophisticated pair of headphones capable of playing premium music and translating offline wherever you want.

Today we are back with our best and most suitable answer for you - smart Bluetooth pocket translation headphones Timekettle M2

timekettle m2

Thanks to the Wi-Fi network or data signal, the M2 can translate up to 93 languages and accents.

Incredibly perfectly designed

Timekettle M2 translation headphones disposes with the latest technologies

handset translator features

93 Supported languages and accents with Wi-Fi/data access

interpreting headphones

Listen to music or make phone calls

If you are not connected to the application, you can use M2 for music and phone calls!

headphones for translation

Easy to use

As soon as you pull out the M2 from the charging case - it will immediately connect to your Smartphone. Play your favorite style of music, and whenever you will need a translation,
quickly switch to our application.
translating bluetooth headphones

Touch mode for two-way conversation

By tapping quickly on the touch sensor, you activate voice reception and all your spoken sentences are translated to the person you are communicating with at the same time.
Make a natural conversation with a friend or business partner of different nationalities.

wireless translator

Mode for lectures/reports/presentations

Use your Smartphone to capture speech from your surroundings with amazing clarity and to listen to translations without disturbing other participants. Imagine being able to understand everything you've ever had a problem with.

headphones with translator

Bluetooth headphones can even translate movies or messages!

If you put M2 into your ear, you will immediately understand everything what was said.

timekettle translator

Speaker mode - For short conversations as in normal situations

Tell them where you want to go, or ask for directions without need to put the M2 into strangers' ears.
The translation of your question, will be played through the speaker of your phone!

bluetooth translator m2


And now let's see what others say about us!
"Overall, these are excellent translation headphones that should be part of your travel kit whenever you go somewhere you don't speak the local language."

It uses Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 technology

The Timekettle M2 provides intelligent, high-response playback while providing a consistent and reliable connection to any device using the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip.

wireless translator

qualcomm aptx bluetooth technology

AptX Audio Compression Codec offers incredible audio transmission to ensure you get the maximum of your music.

translating headphones timekettle m2

Ergonomic design with safe and comfortable placement

The most pleasant ergonomic curving of headphones, that fit safely and comfortably into your ear - even when you sing like Macy Kate.

Long battery life - Lasts longer than you.

M2 translating headphones for wireless communication support up to 6 hours of listening and translation per a single charge - plus 24 hours of extra battery with a wireless charging case.

headphones with translator

Sweat resistant

Timekettle M2 dispose with IPX4 sweat and water resistance for unpredictable situations.

wireless headphones for translating

Global reach and deployment

For fast and prompt results, the M2 connects to 14 high-speed servers worldwide. And what is the result?
A services that always outclass any translation application or hardware.

headphones for translation

Compatible for iOS and Android

real time translator

Advanced force sensor - touch control

touch bluetooth headphones for translating

Award-winning design team

translating m2 headphones

With best-in-class designers and engineers at the forefront of our product - WT2 Plus won the prestigious 2018 iF Design Award, CES 2019 Innovation Awards,
Google's 2019 Japan Award and 2019 IDEA Award.

Technical specifications:

Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0
IPX4 Waterproof
Temperature - 68° F to 113° F (-20° C to 45° C)
Timekettle M2: Bluetooth 4.2 and newer, up to 20 m (in free space)
Charging case: Micro usb charging cable C
Qualcomm aptX Audio Codec
Battery life
With charging case: up to 30 hours of listening and translation
Single charge: up to 6 hours of listening and translation, or up to 5 hours of making calls
Charging: approx. 90 minutes for both charging case and headphones

The package contains:

1x M2 translation headphones
1x Charging case
1x Charging cable
1x User manual


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