Handy voice recorder and text transcription - translator

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Product description Handy voice recorder and text transcription - translator

Handy voice recorder and text transcription - translator via bluetooth headphones. Simultaneous interpretation of text into 112 world languages. Voice recorder with text transcription function and translation into 112 world languages, built-in 16GB memory. This handy, really miniature device with size only 6cm x 2,2cm, records ambient sound using two high-quality microphones in HD quality. The recording is stored on the built-in 16GB memory. The built-in battery with a capacity of 220mAh can record up to 10 hours. The record of sound will begin immediately after the recording starts. The recorder works with PC, as well as Smartphones with Android and iOS using a mobile application. You simply synchronize the recorder with a PC or phone and you can play and edit saved recordings.

Transcribe Audio to Text - Text Translator

Voice recorder with text transcript function

The recorded sound can be immediately rewritten into text. Both audio and text format are saved. The recognized text can be immediately translated into 112 world languages. It will save the original text as well as the translation. The record is automatically saved as a back up in the Cloud storage. The spoken word turns to real-time text, and you can share it immediately, e.g. on Twitter or Facebook. The built-in battery is charged via a USB type C cable. The connection to a PC or telephone is via Bluetooth. It can process a 2-hour audio recording into text form in just 5 minutes.

Simultaneous interpretation of text into 112 languages

translator and text recorder
transcript to text from voice translator

voice translation - recorder

Thanks to its small size, light weight and practical clip on the back side, you can attach the recorder anywhere onto your clothes. The use is universal and it will certainly find its use in business meetings, lectures, studies, text processing, as well as when traveling or immediately recording creative ideas.

The range of the microphones is up to 3 meters

audio to text transcriber



Transcription of audio (speech) recording into text
Simultaneous interpretation into 112 languages
HD recording
2 microphones for perfect sound recording
Practical clip for attachment
Elegant Hi-Tech design
Instant sharing on social networks
The mobile application works with Android and iOS smartphones and Windows PCs
Bluetooth connection + USB type C
Built-in 16GB internal memory


Memory: internal - 16GB
CPU: ATS2837, dual core 240MHz, CK802 + 400MHz, 32bit DSP
Battery life when recording: up to 10 hours
Connection method: Dual mode, Bluetooth 5.0
Operating system support: Android 5 and newer, iOS 9.0, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and newer
Battery: 220mAh
Microphone range: up to 3m
Operating temperature: -10 to 55° C
Dimensions: 60x22x12 mm

Package contents:

1x Voice recorder + translator
1x USB cable - type C
1x Manual


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