Hand held metal detector PROFI - adjustable

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Product description Hand held metal detector PROFI - adjustable

Hand held metal detector PROFI - adjustable for 9V battery. Simple convenient operation, sound and vibration alarm function. Hand-held metal detector (professional search engine) with sensitivity adjustment as a finder for metal objects, including gold. You can use the hand-held metal detector for various occasions: event security, security service, professional airport security, prisons, police, army, customs, large companies, conference hall, factory, warehouse, etc.

This personal hand-held detector is mainly used for personal searches at airports, courts and the like. It can also be used to search for hidden power lines or pipes in the walls or for a personal examination of the digestive tract. When the presence of metals is detected, it emits an audible or vibrating signal + LED signaling. Simple convenient operation and sensitivity can be set, as well as the possibility to choose between sound and vibration alarm function.

Metal detectors - PROFI portable metal detector (also for gold)

Metal detectors - portable metal detector (also for gold)


Product parameters:

dimensions: 350mm x 140mm x 40mm
weight: approx. 200g without battery.
power supply: 9V battery (included)
operating temperature: -10° C - 50° C
alarm: possibility to switch between sound and vibration + LED indicator.


Package contents:

1x Hand-held metal detector
1x Battery
1x Manual


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