GSM interception detector

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Product description GSM interception detector

GSM interception detector. The detector can easily detects and find wireless cameras, wiretapping and other wireless devices or signals. GMS RF Bug detector is a device which serves as a GSM detector, whether bugs or any wireless signal in your home, office or other places.

This specially designed device also founds out if your cell phone is not bugged. If the device picks up the broadcast signal, it will start to whistle or to vibrate and the green LEDs will turn on to shine according to intensity of signal.

GSM Detector works on all GSM frequencies including wireless cameras.  You can easily find if someone in your area is talking on the phone or if your phone is under someone´s manipulation. Flashing, whistleing or vibrating must be continuous at least about 1 minute or more, and it is moreless sure, that through your phone are sent data or audio signal. The device can withut problems detect wireless cameras, listening bugs or the other wireless devices. GSM detector for sale you can buy online in our e-shop for acceptable price. Look at our offer and find what you look for.

gsm detector rf bug

The device also supports connection of headphones in case if you need to perform a silent detection, that means without any sound. Detection range of GSM signal is up to 10 M (depending on the strength of detected GSM signal).

Frequency range: 860-965MHZ(GSM); 1805-1880MHZ(DCS); 1930-1990MHZ(PCS)


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