G-NET GON4 - Unique WiFI dual 4K UHD camera with GPS LIVE STREAM via Cloud + WDR + 150°

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Product description G-NET GON4 - Unique WiFI dual 4K UHD camera with GPS LIVE STREAM via Cloud + WDR + 150°

G-NET GON4 - Unique WiFI dual 4K UHD camera with GPS (front/rear) LIVE STREAM via Cloud + Sony Starvis, WDR + 150° angle of view + ADAS + Parking mode. Thanks to this car camera, you will have a recording of driving in front of the vehicle, in the vehicle, and behind it. The front camera provides ULTRA HD 4K video resolution, a camera recording the interior of the vehicle as well as a camera positioned to film what is happening behind the vehicle (rear camera). The power supply of the camera is solved via the OBD connector, that is a really optimal solution.

Unique 4K camera with external rear camera and live tracking of GPS location via Cloud

4k car camera g-net gon4

Thanks to high resolution, Sony Starvis sensor, WDR technology, H.265 compression and a wide viewing angle of up to 150° (front camera) and 140° (rear camera) the recordings from the camera will be in top quality and usable even in poor lighting conditions. Other functions, such as loop recording, parking mode, GPS, G sensor or support for micro SDXC cards up to 512GB, are also a matter of course.

wifi dual car camera cloud gnet gon4

Exclusive video file player for PC - G-NET PC VIEWER

A custom-made player of recorded video files for the desktop PC with a clear layout and intuitive operation.

Video file player for PC - G-NET

Cloud support

"G-Syncloud" for fleet management system using its own CLOUD technology for remote monitoring. Storage capacity exceeding the memory card storage limit of the dash cam.

G-Syncloud for fleet management system

VIDEO how the CLOUD service works

cloud camera remote monitoring

Live Broadcast - Live GPS Tracking

Monitor driver behavior and check vehicle status in real time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our dash cam is available. Always have an overview of where your vehicles are, monitor traffic and follow the driver's route without having to physically check on the drivers. The basic function is the tracking of a motor vehicle, whether it is a car or a truck. If the vehicle is online, its current location will be displayed on the map and you can continue to track its route. If he is offline, his last known location will be displayed. After starting the archived ride, you can see its movement on the map. With a detailed schedule, you can see at what time, at what place and specific address exactly the vehicle was at that moment. The GEO FENCE function to send an email notification when leaving the marked area (If by chance the driver of the vehicle goes off the planned route). To use the functions, it is necessary to purchase a license for tracking via Cloud. Via the cloud, you can also view video recordings from the ride where the data is archived. The condition is to have an Internet connection available (ideally via a mobile router with SIM support directly to the car lighter).

You have a choice of different programs in the CLOUD (free or paid depending on storage space or support of functions).

live stream - car camera

High-quality HDR

HDR is activated to eliminate blurring of lights while driving and displays clear recording quality in various lighting conditions. Using HDR when passing through a dark tunnel adjusts the light reflections in the tunnel so that the image is clearly visible. When passing through a dazzling path, sunlight is properly adjusted to make surrounding objects appear sharp and blur-free.

hdr support


ADAS is a safe driving assistance system for a safe driver environment

FVSA – Alarm of the car driving in front of you. When the distance from the stationary vehicle in front of you is more than 2 meters (it means that the car has moved), the LCD display will show the icon of the vehicle with a beep.
FCWS - Forward Collision Warning System. When the distance between the vehicle in front of you is short and the speed of the vehicle is high and it suddenly decreases sharply. A collision warning icon will appear with a warning.
LDWS - Lane Departure Warning System. If you leave the lane while driving, it will be displayed with a yellow or red line with a warning sound. The notification only works if the speed is above your set limit. 

Lane detection points, forward exits and collision warning icons are only visible when the LCD display is active. ADAS settings can only be set after connecting the GPS antenna.

adas system

Quality in every detail

This car camera uses the most advanced technologies and all the components used are designed to provide the clearest image and advanced functions that will surely convince you that this is truly a unique among car cameras.

4K car camera dual live stream gps

Excellent angle of view 150˚ front camera and 140˚ rear camera

An excessive camera angle breaks the image, causing side effects such as distortion and image distortion. This camera has an optimal shooting angle of 150˚ degrees for the front camera and 140˚ degrees for the rear camera.

car camera - 150 degrees angle of view

LBP function to protect the vehicle battery discharge

It is an intelligent Safe Guard function that automatically turns off recording when the voltage drops below the specified voltage and cuts off the power supply to protect the vehicle battery. The settings can be made directly from the specialized GNET PC VIEWER, and the vehicle voltage can be checked on the recorded video of the vehicle.

LBP function to protect the vehicle battery discharge

New H.265 video compression

The car camera is equipped with the new H.265 compression, which ensures that recordings are saved in a smaller size. The recording recorded in this compression will take up 30% less space on the memory card, while the image quality will remain preserved. So the memory card can take much more recordings compared to the older H.264 compression.

gnet car camera - video compression 4.265

Customized configuration using APP in Smartphone

With the Smartphone APP (iOS/Android), you can update the firmware and play video, as well as configure various settings. You can only connect your smartphone with a WiFi dongle connected to the camera.
*If the CLOUD function is on, turn off the IOT/WiFi function

smarthphone application - wifi car camera

Sony STARVIS sensor

Sony STARVIS is a pixel backlight technology used in CMOS image sensors for high-end cameras. It is characterized by high sensitivity and achieves high image quality in visible light, but also in areas where the camera would otherwise have to use infrared illumination. With a high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a large 6-glass lens, this car camera is able to automatically increase the exposure in dark situations to capture clear videos.

gon4 sony starvis sensor car camera

A reliable witness to an accident

Thanks to the built-in G-sensor, the GONQ car camera is a reliable partner even in crisis situations. The camera automatically detects the impact and locks the file so that it is not deleted automatically. Such a file is stored in a dedicated folder where it cannot be deleted by the loop recording function.

dual g-net camera - built-in g-sensor

High resistance to temperatures

This car camera has incredible resistance to minus and plus temperatures -10°C / 70°C, so you don't have to worry about it in summer or winter.

resistant to high temperatures - wdr hdr car camera

Unprecedented image quality and 4K resolution

Unreal image quality with ULTRA HD up to 4K resolution is a matter of course with this camera, but you will not miss any detail from the recorded video.

4K resolution - gnet car camera ultra hd


The time-lapse function is automatically used when entering parking mode. The time-lapse mode records one frame per 1 second, minimizing the video size for a long time to record everything needed during the entire parking time.

timpe lapse - time collection car camera for the car




Dual camera
SONY Starvis HDR sensor
Front camera resolution: 3840*2160p@30fps
Rear camera resolution: 1920*1080p@30fps
Front/back recording angle: 150°/140°
H.265 video compression
App support for smartphone (iOS/Android)
Supported cards: up to 512GB
Built-in microphone: Yes
Integrated speaker: Yes
G sensor: Yes
Parking mode: Yes
Voice guidance: Yes
Cloud storage: Yes
Integrated GPS module
Wi-Fi module: Yes
Operating temperature -10°C / 70°C
Power supply 12V - 24V / 3A
Dimensions Front camera: 120*63*32.3 mm
Dimensions Rear camera: 48*29*38 mm

Package contents:

1 x UHD Car Camera G-ON4
1x rear camera (cable 6m)
1x GPS module
1x wifi dongle
1x OBD power cable 3m
1x mounting kit with screws
1x manual

4k dual car camera package contents


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