Fence filler PVC shading slats vertical width 49 mm - Wooden imitation

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Product description Fence filler PVC shading slats vertical width 49 mm - Wooden imitation

Fence filler PVC shading slats vertical width 49 mm - Wooden imitation of wood. Plastic filling for garden 3D mesh fencing, customized. Fence filler - custom-made plastic fencing using light brown PVC panels (wood color imitation) with a panel width of 49 mm and a variable height of the fence from 103 cm, 123 cm, 153 cm, 173 cm, 193 cm to 203 cm. Custom-made plastic house fencing thanks to PVC panels and simple assembly - plastic filling for house and garden fencing.

Plastic panels are made of durable PVC material, resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation . Installation is very quick and easy - PVC panels, support bars and clips are inserted from above into the metal mesh (not part of the package). The top of the fence is finished with a plastic profile. The panels themselves are installed right next to each other, which guarantees opacity through the fence. PVC panels are already attached to the finished fence. Suitable for metal mesh with 3D panel. The price of 1 set of fillings is calculated for the width of the fence (fencing) 250 cm (1 package contains 43 pieces of fillings)

Fence filler PVC shading strips vertically for mesh (suitable for mesh with a mesh width of 50 mm)

fence filler plastic fence - 3D pvc slats strips straight

Straight PVC panels with a thickness of 49 mm and an optional height - a durable opaque fence for your house and garden

wood fence filler pvc plastic slats for mesh fence

Plastic filling of house and garden fencing, customized

3d plastic filling of fence mesh imitating wood

We offer different panel lengths, designs, and colors to choose from.

fencing of the house or garden slats


PLUS Strong and durable PVC material
plus Resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation
plus Elegant design
plus Variability
plus Simple assembly
plus Opaque fencing
plus 1 set for a fence width of 250 cm



Color: light brown (wood imitation)
Panel (belt) height: from 103 cm to 203 cm
Panel (belt) width: 49 mm
Material: PVC


Package contents:

43x Panel with a height of 103 - 203 cm cm and a width of 49 mm
2x Panel height 103 - 203 cm and width 44 mm
3x upper rail (82.6 cm)
6x V-bar (82.6 cm)
45x clip


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