Endoscope with WiFi and HD resolution

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Product description Endoscope with WiFi and HD resolution

Endoscope with WiFi and HD resolution and other inspection cameras on sale online - good price. We are specialists in the world of cameras. Borescope with image transmission through WiFi will become your invaluable tool and you will reach even the inaccessible places. Our endoscopes are equipped with miniature cameras with high resolution and are waterproof.

100 cm long flexible gooseneck will let you know for example, if there is somewhere in the house the damaged pipe by corrosion, or other inaccessible places. The camera has a built-in High Power LED light so you can illuminate the examined places to ensure the necessary visibility. The endoscope is also waterproof, so you can also explore the sewer pipes. USB endoscope is great for DIY (Do it yourselfer), modelers or occasional biologists, for example the search for animal shelters, tunnel moles etc.


WiFi HD endoscope with a flexible neck of length 1 m, and enclosed attachments finds wide use in industry as well as in households. Image transmission works on technology WiFi, which simply turns your smartphone screen to the endoscope. In the package you will find 3 extensions (hook, magnet, mirror), which again increase advantage of endoscope.


Product specifications:

Model: 99W2
Support iOS / Android / Windows
Photo and video recording: for mobile devices
640 * 480/1280 * 720
Diameter of the camera: 8,5 mm
Diameter of the flexible cable: 6,8 mm
Focal length: 3-8 cm
View angle: 65 °
Cable length: 1M 
Resistance: IP67
Frame rate: 30fps
Light: adjustable, 6pcs LEDs
Security: password setting
Wifi receiver distance: 20M
Battery: 4 AA batteries

Package Contents:

1x endoscope
1x mirror
1x hook
1x magnet


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