Endoscope inspection camera for Android + Micro USB

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Product description Endoscope inspection camera for Android + Micro USB

Endoscope inspection camera for Android + Micro USB - it is suitable for mobile phones and tablets with the Android operating system and can be used to examine the hard to reach places. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for maintenance and service. It is suitable for mobile phones and tablets with OS Android. Inspection camera is connected to your phone or tablet via USB interface through the application EyeCloud, which is freely downloadable via Google play. 

Thanks to flexible cable and superior optics it helps you reveal the failure, defects and problematic places without the need for removal and unfolding the whole device. To monitor places which can not be reached by camera, is supplied mirror that is tilted at 45 degrees and can be places on boroscop.

endoskopica camera

It is also possible to mount the camera on a magnet or hook, with which can be captured the loose objects. The camera comes with driver CD for use of boroscope on computer using the interface cable Micro USB to USB, which is also supplied.

Borescope use: Suitable for use in surveying pipes, devices, facilities equipment, underwater exploration, installation, construction, workshops, laboratories, training, maintenance and repair of cars, checking hard to reach places, etc.

inspection endoscope


The camera lens with diameter: 7 mm
Cable length: 2 m
Resolution: 2MP
The level of waterproof: IP67
CMOS sensor
Resolution: 640 x 480, 30fps HD 1280x720 only when connected to PC
Viewing Angle: 66 °
Focal length: 4 cm
Translucence: 6 adjustable LED modes
Support: Android / Windows



1x Endoscopic cameras
1x Reduction Micro USB to USB for PC connectivity
1x CD driver to install on your computer
1x Magnet to capture things in inaccessible places
1x Mirror to monitor places, angle of 45°
1x Safety catch hook
1x Manual


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