DOD RX400W - mirror camera + GPS with reversing camera support

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Product description DOD RX400W - mirror camera + GPS with reversing camera support

DOD RX400W - mirror camera + GPS with reversing camera support​ you can buy online at a good price. Product in stock ready to order. The best of the best. DOD RX400W - Rearview Mirror Camera with GPS (successor to the RX8W) has a built-in ultrafast GPS processor, which is 10 times faster. Control Keypad has a simple and easy operation in the dark. It is time to set the standard of slimness of car rearview mirrors. Therefore, the new model from this series DOD RX400W comes with a 1 cm slim design, and it is easily adaptable to original rearview mirror. Adjustable angle of lens is about 60% larger than before, what enables to adjust horizontal and vertical angle up to 40 degrees. DOD RX400W with multi-layered vacuum coating of the surface of mirror is able to eliminate glare from the lights of the vehicle behind you. 

Car cameras in the rearview mirror DOD RX400W with GPS with support of reversing camera


dod rx400w with reversing camera

The camera in the rearview mirror is unique mainly because it allows you to connect through video input any reversing camera. When reverse gear (reversing camera is connected to the reversing lights) the image of reversing camera will display on the LCD display (image from this camera is not recorded ). You can use any reversing camera, which has the same video jack connector. 

Built-in G-sensor for automatic startup of file protection on impact, emergency braking or when car is tilted, will automatically protect all current and stored video files.  It provides FULL HD video quality with resolution up to 1920x1080. The wide 140 ° viewing angle records the events in front of the vehicle and at both sides, automatic calibration of time by using GPS, HUD compass display, HUD speed display. You will certainly appreciate the function of GPS Logger, the record of your ride (GPS location, current speed). You can view your videos on your PC using the supplied software. Ideal for companies to control driving staff or professional drivers etc. The camera can be connected to a power supply 12/24V so using is possible without any problems, not only in personal vehicle but even in other vehicles, for example trucks or buses. 

We offer as well the model RX300W which compared to the model RX400W does not dispose with GPS Logger (other parameters are identical).

dod rx400w rearview mirror

The camera has a larger viewing area and a 4,3" widescreen (16:9) display provides a wider screen for video playback. WDR technology allows adaptation of brightness of surroundings, so creates a brighter night shots and reduces strong light of exposure to reach the most beautiful picture. It disposes with 3DNR function - Digital noise reduction and Six-element sharp lens that consists of 6 layers of glass and provides stunning clear and undistorted image. DOD RX400W comes with a velcro strip that is stronger and more reliable method for mounting on the original rear view mirror.

4,3 '' 16:9 widescreen LCD display. The camera has a large widescreen display that provides a clear and sufficiently large image suitable for displaying of settings and playing of videos directly on the camera display.


Camera dod rx400w

Built-in 10x speed GPS processor, the latest technology of car GPS ensures accurate tracking of vehicle speed and ultra-fast GPS position of your ride in real time. Currently it is the fastest GPS updates used in car cameras.

10 GPS updates dod rx400w

Keypad has a simple and easy operation in the dark. Innovative LED engraved lighting of keypad is easy to use even without the light inside the car. The backlight turns off automatically after 10 seconds. Practical, comfortable and elegant.

Backlit keys dod rx400w

Adjustable-angle lens in any direction. DOD RX400W adjustable angle lens is about 60% larger than before, and horizontal and vertical angles can be adjusted up to 40 degrees. It has full range of viewing angle for high improving of ability of fixation on most of the mirrors.

Adjustable lens dod rx400w

Anti-glare mirror. When driving at night, there is light reflection from the mirror, which is annoying and blinds the eyes of the driver. DOD RX400W with multi-layered vacuum coating of the surface of mirror is able to eliminate glare from the headlights of the vehicle behind you.

Anti-dazzling glass dod rx400w


Support of reversing or parking camera. This product supports the adding of reverse camera. You can buy reversing camera for your own safety. Reverse image is displayed on a 4,3 "large screen so you can easily see what's happening behind, and so to reduce the probability of injury.

Support rearview camera dod rx400w


Powerful WDR technology. Stunning video in any light. WDR technology, well-balanced exposure no matter if it is a sunny day or night. Produces brighter images, and reduces strong exposure of light to reach the most beautiful picture.

WDR technology dod rx400w

3DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) - Digital noise reduction - reduces grainy image in low light conditions. A system of digital noise reduction, can effectively reduce noise of digital signal when is necessary and ensures a clean, natural images.

3d reducing the amount dod rx400w

The new version of DOD GPS Player 2.0 with improved user interface is even clearer. Shows FULL HD video recordings with data in real time such as vehicle speed, GPS coordinates, overload, etc. When is connected to internet, the present position of the vehicle is displayed on Google Maps.

DOD gps player 2.0

Displaying of details (Watermark) on the video. When happens an accident or other road events, this feature lets you instantly check the vehicle location (GPS coordinates), vehicle speed or the exact date and time of the recording. And this will strengthen the credibility of evidence at the proving of responsibility.

watermark dod rx400w

Advanced 6G glass lens - a combination of six layers of glass, it is a sophisticated 6G sharp lens. Thanks to the precise path of light, provides a stunningly bright, clear and undistorted image.

6 grams Lens dod rx400w

Velcro strip. Traditional installation using a clip or rubber ends often with the lost elasticity. To achieve a stronger attachment, DOD RX400W comes with a velcro strip, which is stronger and more reliable method for mounting on the original rearview mirror.

Velcro strip dod rx400w


Ultra slim design. It is time to set the standard of slimness of car rearview mirrors. DOD RX400W with 1 cm slim design is adaptable to original rearview mirror in your vehicle.

1 cm thickness dod rx400w camera


Product specifications:

Video Resolution: 1920x1080 @ 30fps, 1280x720 @ 30fps, 1280X720 @ 60fps, 848x480 @ 30fps, 640x480 @ 30fps
Sensor: 3 megapixel 1/3 "CMOS
Wide-angle: 140 °
ISO: Auto settings
4,3 "16:9 widescreen
Compressed video format - H.264
Memory Card: External Micro SDHC Class 10 (support up to 32GB)
Built-in microphone/speaker
Built-in high-capacity battery: 3,7V 320mAh
Power supply: 5V 1,5A
Size: 8,5x31x1 cm
Weight: 304 g
Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 65 ° C


Included accessories:

1x Professional Car camera DOD RX400W
1x Car charger
1x Video cable to connect the rearview camera
1x CD with DOD GPS Player 2.0
1x Manual


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