Dictaphone with option to record mobile phone

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Product description Dictaphone with option to record mobile phone

Dictaphone with option to record mobile phone - it records phone conversations, plays music, it has a microphone and sound detection. This digital voice recorder allows you to record detailed conversations even phone calls and you do not have to rely on your memory, just press record button. It has a very long recording time - more than 10 hours. It contains built-in voice recording activation, so automatically starts recording at detection of any sound (voice).

Digital dictaphone with 4GB memory

digital voice recorder
LCD display
Support of formats MP3, WMA
Memory: 4GB
Built-in microphone and built-in speaker

Another function:
Recorder of the telephone conversation, music player, microphone

Memory capacity - 4 GB
Frequency - 20Hz ~ 20KHz
External input - Stereo headphones 3.5" jack
External microphone- 3.5" jack
USB input
Record Bit Rate:
The largest SHQ - 128kbps
The largest SP - 32kbps
The largest LP - 8Kbps
Built-in MIC - Omni-directional microphone
External - Dynamic 20mm, 16ohm
S / N (ratio) - 80dB
Dimensions - 83mm * 35mm * 12mm
Weight - 40g (including battery)
LCD Display resolution - 128 X 64 px
Recording format - MP3, WAV
Operating temperature - 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Package contains:
1x Digital dictaphone
1x USB cable 
1x 220V charger
1x Headphones
1x Telephone box converter
1x External microphone


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