Compact portable UV lamp

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Product description Compact portable UV lamp

Compact portable UV ultraviolet lamp. A great help in discovering hidden indications, invisible footprints or evidence or fake money. Become your own CSI detective using this UV (ultraviolet) light and thoroughly investigate the crime scene and reveal the presence of hidden evidence that is not visible to the naked eye at normal lighting. With this portable UV light, you can look for hidden evidence like blood, fingerprints, and more.

UV ultraviolet light and lamp

It is powered by 4 AA batteries, compact and completely portable, and you will find many other uses of this handy UV lamp. Find invisible odor sources (your pets urine, excrement, etc.) without smelling carpet; dirty areas in hotel rooms, invisible ink or fake money.

Compact and portable UV lamp
It recognizes the invisible signs, blood, fingerprints, fake money, and more
It comes with a built-in flashlight

portable UV lamp use

Product specifications:

15 cm UV lamp
Power: 4W
Built-in flashlight
Power: 4 AA batteries (not included)

Package contents:
UV lamp


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