Bluetooth handsfree Full HD camera

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Product description Bluetooth handsfree Full HD camera

Bluetooth handsfree Full HD camera ​- new and unique camcorder, which is very usefull spy product. Outdoor or indoor recording in high video quality.

Spy camera with full HD resolution hidden in bluetooth headset for professional and amateur detectives, to record different events and for those who need a visual and audio evidence. The lens is hidden at the end of the headset and allows you to record what happens in front of you without anyone noticing.

Bluetooth headset Camera
The lens is a wide-angle and records video at 90 °. Video with audio recording is recorded in full-HD resolution with 12-megapixel chip. Bluetooth handset also has a function of taking photos in JPG format. The maximum memory expansion is up to 32 GB

headset spy camera

Lens: 90 ° wide angle view
Support of technology Anti-shake
1920 x 1080 resolution, 1280x720,1.440x1.080, 640x480
Video Compression: H.264
Audio: PCM
White Balance: Auto
Built-in Memory (Available: 21,1MB, Total: 32MB)
Photo mode 12 Mega
Format photos (JPEG)
Memory card support: (Max 32GB)
Video Format PAL / NTSC
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power supply: 5V 800 mA
Battery 350mAh BL-5C

Package Contents:
1x Bluetooth headset with camera
1x USB cable
1x User Manual


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