Blocking case for GSM signal interference of mobile phones

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Product description Blocking case for GSM signal interference of mobile phones

Blocking case for interfering the GSM signal of mobile phones (tablets). A simple gadget that blocks signals from all frequencies (Faraday box). The blocking radio waves work like a Faraday cage with two separate pockets (partitions) 50 cm black. This unique case is used to interfere with the signal. The case also contains another pocket, which is not protected to block radio waves. The signal interruption case is very easy to use. Just place the objects in the case and all signals are blocked. Great for those people who want to protect their privacy.

GSM signal interference case - for mobile phone (smartphone)

GSM blocking case on smartphone tablet


Product features:

  • It blocks all signals and all frequencies.
  • It blocks calls as soon as you put the phone in the case, and unblocks the calls as soon as you remove the phone again from the case.
  • In addition, it has a separate pocket for money or accessories
  • It blocks signals such as mobile networks, card readers, detectors, wifi networks, etc.

Product specifications

Main function: Signal blocking
It blocks all cell phone signals and all frequencies around the world

Dimensions: 495x395x5mm (lxwxh)
Weight: 330g

Package contents:

1x Blocking case


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