Spy audio recorder hidden in USB key + 16GB memory

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Product description Spy audio recorder hidden in USB key + 16GB memory

Spy audio recorder hidden in USB key + 16GB memory. Hidden digital voice sound recorder and dictaphone for unsuspicious sound recording. Recordings are stored in 16 GB Flash memory, which is enough for about 150 hours of recordings. Dictaphone - spy audio USB flash drive recorder with a capacity of 16GB, which looks just like a classic USB data key, is a perfect way to record discreetly or secretly. The audio recorder does not only make sound recordings, and looks like a USB key, but also works like a regular USB flash drive. The spy answering machine is equipped with a sensitive microphone that records voice sounds from a distance of up to 10 meters. Spy voice recorder - in USB key with 16GB memory. Digital hidden audio portable recorder for you. Best dictaphone you can buy online for a good price.

Spy audio USB flash key recorder with capacity of 16GB, which also works as a normal USB flash drive.

usb flash drive sound recorder

Recordings are stored in 16GB flash memory, which is enough for approx. 150 hours of WAV-format recordings that can be played back using a standard player, when the audio recorder is connected to the computer (no additional CD software is required). The built-in miniature rechargeable battery features a high capacity of 100 mA and allows up to 16 hours of continuous operation of a portable spy voice recorder. It takes about 3,5 hours to fully charge the battery. Note: you cannot record and charge simultaneously.

Small compact size of recorder, one-touch recording mode and long playback time.

hidden voice recorder in usb

It is a functional voice recorder that provides great convenience when recording, for example, at conferences, meetings, but also when recording notes, discussions, lectures and any other audio recordings you want to keep. It is compact, unobtrusive and easy to control. Ideal helper for a busy student who can not lose any note or information. Now you can discreetly record all important information. Audio looks the same as a classic USB key, so no one will know that you re recording audio and you will not be seen by anyone.


Hidden spy voice recorder
Small compact size of recorder
Easily portable answering machine
Built-in microphone
The device also serves as USB flash drive.
Continuous recording time: up to 16 hours
One-touch recording and saving
Press the switch to "ON" to start recording. Press the switch to “OFF”  to stop recording.



Storage capacity: 16GB built-in memory, approximately 150 hours of WAV recordings
The device also serves as USB disk
Audio format: WAV
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery 100 mA-3,7V/USB power
Transfer rate: USB 2.0 Max. 960KBPS
Built-in microphone
Maximum audio output power: 5mW
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Dimensions: 65 * 21 * 7mm
Weight: 13,6 g
Working temperature: 0 ~ 40°
Color: silver blue

Package contents:

1x Spy audio USB flash drive recorder
1x User manual


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