4G DVR LCD monitor 10,1" for car + LIVE stream and GPS tracking

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Product description 4G DVR LCD monitor 10,1" for car + LIVE stream and GPS tracking

4G DVR LCD monitor 10,1" in the car + LIVE stream and GPS tracking of the vehicle position. The monitor has up to 2 SD card slots, for recording on 2 cards with a capacity of 512 GB. Monitor for 4 AHD/HD cameras with recording to 2xSD cards + 2xUSB for live monitoring of vehicle movement via the app in the smartphone. Car security system - Parking hybrid monitor with input for 4 cameras is also a compact DVR recorder for video recording when parking or moving larger cars, vans, minibuses, buses, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery. 

It is an ideal solution wherever you need to not only have an overview of what is happening around you, but also have an adequate video recording of these activities. Thanks to this function, the DVR monitor has a really wide range of use in various areas. It records the image from each camera to the inserted SD card up to a maximum capacity of 256GB. The monitor has up to 2 SD card slots, so you can record to two cards and have a storage capacity of 512 GB.

Through the application in the mobile phone, it is possible to monitor the LIVE view from the cameras and the current GPS position of the vehicle on the map.

4g wifi car monitor gps

4G DVR LCD monitor performs the function of a black box, which is ideal for monitoring the work of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trucks, vans, etc. DVR monitor can also be used in bus transport where you have an overview not only of the movement of the bus, but also a record from the inside, for example when monitoring passengers, or opening doors at getting on and off the bus. With this system you will know exactly what is behind or around the vehicle. The monitor is equipped with an adjustable console on the dashboard, which you can attach to the required place. The second bracket is used for mounting on the ceiling. A sun visor is also included, which guarantees a clear image and no reflections. For even easier control, the monitor also has a remote control.


dvr car monitor with live gps + cameras view

The monitor has a Wi-Fi connection and a SIM card slot for 4G data connection. Thanks to this, you can watch the image from the cameras and view videos even from a distance via your mobile phone or computer. Thanks to the 4G connection, this monitor becomes a security system for the car. The recording from the cameras can be recorded even after the vehicle has been parked. The monitor has built-in speakers and 2x USB ports for connecting an USB mouse and viewing multimedia content - MP5 player.

Car security system - 4G monitor with live monitoring

reversing car display - for truck

Ability to display all 4 cameras on the monitor simultaneously in various combinations

LCD car monitor display 4 cameras

Up to 4 AHD or HD cameras can be connected to the monitor. Depending on the need and type of vehicle, you can choose and combine cameras from our offer to meet your requirements. The cameras are connected to the monitor via 4pin cables with selectable lengths of 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m. The 4pin connector that connects the camera to the cable is waterproof as well as the cameras from our offer, which are resistant to dust and damage. System installation is simple. The monitor has cables for connecting the cameras and powering the monitor, which is protected against overvoltage by a replaceable fuse. The cameras are powered directly from the monitor, so it is no longer necessary to connect them separately to the source, which simplifies installation and you can place the camera anywhere in the vehicle. The monitor also contains 3 switching cables, through which you can display guide lines on selected cameras after reverse gear is engaged. It is possible to display several cameras in different combinations on the monitor at the same time.

car parking monitor - connection

In case you need to mount the monitor in a different way than with bracket (what is included in package), you can find in our offer another three more types of stands which allow you to attach your monitor for example onto a windshield or where is needed. In case you need to put the camera on a trailer that is able to remove from the car or truck, you can buy in our e-shop a connecting cable of reversing camera for trailers and semi-trailers. This ensure easy disconnection of the reversing system and re-connection.

hybrid monitor for machines and trucks


PLUS DVR function recording from 4 cameras
plus Recording on two SD cards up to 2x256GB
plus Possibility to connect up to 4 reversing cameras
plus Ability to display all 4 cameras on the monitor simultaneously in various combinations
plus Remote monitoring via application (PC and smartphone)
plus 4G, GPS, WIFI connection


Monitor size: 10,1" Digital IPS monitor, LCD backlight
Resolution: 1024x600 RGB
Number of video channels: 4 inputs for cameras (4pin connector)
Input signal support: 1080P/720P/960P/CVBS Video Signal Input
CPU: Hi3520DV300
Operating system: Embedded Linux OS
Control: OSD menu/remote control/USB mouse
Material: Monitor body - aluminum alloy
Remote monitoring: yes, for PCs and smartphones using the application
Power supply: DC8V-36V
Operating temperature: -20 to 70° C
Luminosity: 500cd/㎡
System: PAL/NTSC
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Cyclic recording: yes
Display layout: 1/2/3/4 camera/split display/multiple split modes
Storage: support for SD cards up to 256 GB, 2x SD slot, 2x256GB max.
USB port: yes, 2x (for USB mouse connection and for media playback - MP5 player)
GPS: yes + record GPS position to video file
2G/3G/4G: yes, support CDMA / EDVO / GPRS / WCDMA / FDD LTE / TDD LTE
Wi-Fi: yes, 802.11b/g/n 2,4 GHz
Speakers: yes, built-in
LCD display size: W/H/D 25 x 16 x 3 cm


Package contents:

1x 10,1" LCD monitor 4G
1x Remote control
1x Wi-Fi antenna
1x GPS antenna
1x 4G antenna
1x Dashboard bracket for mounting the monitor
1x Ceiling bracket for mounting the monitor
2x Sticker under the console
1x Mounting kit
1x Power cable with fuse
1x Manual


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