SPY alarm clock camera FULL HD WiFi P2P + motion detection + 32GB

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new SPY alarm clock camera FULL HD WiFi P2P + motion detection + 32GB
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Product description SPY alarm clock camera FULL HD WiFi P2P + motion detection + 32GB

SPY alarm clock camera FULL HD with 1080P + WiFi P2P + LIVE STREAM audio/video transmission + motion detection + 32GB built-in memory. Recording in high quality FULL HD 1920x1080px with the option of changing to a lower image quality. Record a video, take a photo, or set motion detection recording. Ideal for use as monitoring in the home, office, or warehouse. Remote access wherever you are within LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi internet coverage. The possibility of storing in the built-in 32 GB memory or the memory of the phone or tablet.

SPY alarm clock camera FULL HD WiFi P2P + LIVE STREAM

Modern design, small dimensions, excellent quality of video recording and transmission. What makes this device different from others is the high quality of processing, recordings in FULL HD quality with sound, WiFi support allowing live monitoring of the action in front of the lens. Due to the design of the device, it can be used in any place we choose. Its inconspicuous appearance will not arouse the suspicion of even the most curious people.

analog clock camera spy wifi p2p 32gb memory

The camera allows remote viewing using the "HDLIVECAM" app on your iOS / Android phone. The requirement for monitoring from anywhere is a WiFi network in the area of camera operation. It also allows viewing without a router in the place where the camera works, but this is only possible within the distance of the WiFi network between the device and the phone up to approx. 30m. Watch the image with voice from the device live on your phone and tablet screen from anywhere in the world via a P2P connection over the Internet.


The application allows preview with sound - LIVE stream
Recording in high quality FULL HD 1920x1080px
The camera has a built-in memory of 32 GB
Analog clock - powered by AA battery (not included in the package)
The camera can be connected to a permanent power supply via USB 5V
The possibility of playing recordings from the built-in memory using the application
Motion detection mode
Unobtrusive camera


Video resolution: 1920 x 1080P HD
Video format: H.264
Video encoding: MOV
Video frame rate: 30 frames per second
Automatic White balance adjustment
Photography function
Image format: JPG
32GB built-in memory
Micro SD card slot - max up to 128GB
Data transfer via USB cable
Microphone: built-in (synchronized recording of audio and video signals)
Watch over WiFi from anywhere
Motion detection (triggers automatic recording)
Full HD resolution
Live image preview
Audio/video recording
Application: HDLIVECAM
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc
Power supply: AA battery (not included)
Dimensions: 16x11,5x5,4 cm
Weight: 260 g

Package contents:

1x 1080P WiFi IP camera in alarm clock
1x USB cable
1x Instructions for use


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