Smart house - SH140 Small home kit + CCTV

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Product description Smart house - SH140 Small home kit + CCTV

Smart house - SH140 Small home kit + CCTV system, is the first step to solve securing of Smart home security system, that allows extensive monitoring of your home, office, storage space and many other objects.

This intelligent safety system with integrated CCTV cameras and security sensors also offers remote controlling of electrical appliances, all can be easily controlled via smartphone app, it is a perfect protection system for modern living, as well as for offices, warehouses and other objects.

Simple operation and installation of our Smart home system Smart-i without the need for higher technical knowledge.

The system is supplied with a smart Smartbox Gateway, which enables expansion up to 24 detection devices and CCTV 4 (Wi-Fi) cameras. It sends e-mail notification of all events directly into your PC or smartphone / tablet.

In addition, the system includes 3x high quality wireless PIR motion sensor, that can be fitted to the plaster (wall), interior Smart WiFi camera, wireless sensor for doors and windows, external alarm siren, plus a key chain with a remote control, all equipped with a long life battery.

Smart and intelligent home security systems


smart home and smart

The full Smart Home system can be controlled via the Smart-i Protect app for tablets and smartphones, which is available to download for free in the app store via Google Play or through the Apple App Store. Once it is connected to a network (the Internet), you can control a lot of things just through our intelligent system from anywhere in the world using a smartphone (Android), tablets, PC and Mac (iOS) computers.

smart and protector application


P2P technology for fast and brzproblémové network connection.


   P2P technology for fast and easy connection to the network.

E-mail notification

   E-mail notifications of all events are sent directly to your PC, or Smartphone.


   WiFi (Supports up to 4 cameras)



The company Smart-it offers an intelligent solution SmartHome security system so you can have your house, office and other areas fully controlled and easily monitored remotely via your smartphone and application of Smart and Protect .

The basic unit of the system is Smartbox Gateway, which you can connect to your router. Then is possible to connect other devices of Smart-i like Smart CCTV cameras, motion sensors, WiFi electrical outlets up to intelligent sirens or complete sets of Smart home for the whole household.

More info about Smart home intelligent systems can be found in this article: Smart Home System Smart-i


Package contents

1x Smartbox Gateway SHG100
1x SHS300 intelligent outdoor (exterior) siren
1x Smart Wireless Remote Control
1x SHDM wireless sensor for doors and windows
3x SHDP intelligent wireless PIR motion sensor
1x SHC100 Smart WiFi HD indoor camera with PIR


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