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Smart home from manufacturer Smart-i systems for your intelligent living (smart house or apartment) and monitoring homes, offices, as well as storage spaces and many more. The very simple mounting and installation.

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Smart intelligent sets

Smart intelligent sets - We have prepared a complete sets of smart systems from manufacturer Smart-i - sensors, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi drivers etc., that can be installed very simply.

Smart drivers

Smart (intelligent) drivers and base units of Smart Home security system from Smart-i company are an essential element of any sophisticated solution.
The simple control system.

Smart cameras

Wireless outdoor and indoor Smart security cameras, enable remote monitoring via Wi-Fi and smartphone.

Smart security sensors

Smart Wireless security sensors for windows, doors and motion sensors, that will send warning notification about possible distortion via Smart-i app directly on your phone, or automatically turn on the siren.

Smart sirens

High intelligent (smart) outdoor and outdoor sirens with light signals, which can be controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet thanks to the Smart-i app.

Smart WiFi outlets

Smart (intelligent) WiFi outlets/sockets for your home or office offer the ability to control electrical appliances remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Displaying 1 - 14 products (14 z 14)