Smart alarm siren exterior SHS300

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Product description Smart alarm siren exterior SHS300

Smart alarm siren exterior SHS300 accomplishes the standards of resistance to direct impact of water IP65. High-power output of 110 Decibel with bright red pulsating light that starts when the alarm condition is detected. The siren has a very simple setup procedure and is supplied with built-in long-life battery. SHS300 has four optional tones and three optional alarm sirens. It uses the latest 868 MHz wireless transmission with a range of up to 150 meters (outdoors).

Backup battery


   Solar-powered with built-in backup battery


The company Smart-it offers an intelligent solution SmartHome security system so you can have your house, office and other areas fully controlled and easily monitored remotely via your smartphone and application of Smart and Protect .

The basic unit of the system is Smartbox Gateway, which you can connect to your router. Then is possible to connect other devices of Smart-i like Smart CCTV cameras, motion sensors, WiFi electrical outlets up to intelligent sirens or complete sets of Smart home for the whole household.

More info about Smart home intelligent systems can be found in this article: Smart Home System Smart-i




Product specifications:

Signal frequency: 868 MHz
RF Range: up to 150 meters (outdoors)
Power Supply: 3,7V / 1200mA (1x Li-Ion battery)
Standby battery life: up to 25 days
Sound: 110 dB
Battery Check: Yes
Operating temperature: -30 ° ~ 70 ° C
Operating humidity: 10% ~ 80% RH
Operating environment: Exterior
IP Protection: IP65
Dimensions (WxHxD): 195 x 262 x 61 mm


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