Polar polarizer filter - GoPro HERO

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new Polar polarizer filter - GoPro HERO
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Product description Polar polarizer filter - GoPro HERO

The polarizing filter has been manufactured since year 2010. The filter came through several large qualitative changes up to the extremely easy to use filter for GoPro hero3 +. This latest version offers a completely new glass of filter that has better optics and is more durable.

The using of polarizing filter is always possible when shooting outdoors. Of course, not in cloudy weather or in dark. Polarizer reduces unwanted reflections glares, and cleans video in all the spectrum. The filter is necessary to use when recording at clear days, snow, or near the water. Polarizing filter increases color saturation, colors look more vivid. When shooting in car removes glare and reflections off the windshield, dashboard and on the road.

This accessory is compatible with cameras GoPro HERO 3, 3+, 4.

Package includes:
1 Polarizer glass Fliter


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