Polar ND Filter - GoPro HERO

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new Polar ND Filter - GoPro HERO
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Product description Polar ND Filter - GoPro HERO

Polar ND Filter - GoPro HERO is equipped with brand new and even better glass optics. New glass is also stronger and more durable. Except the new glass, ND filter has been completely redesigned for higher durability. ND Filter is easily pushed onto the cover of HERO camera.

The most current using of ND filter is if we want blurred image of moving objects. GoPro hero3 + has a very high shutter speed, so moving objects appear sharply. ND filter creates the illusion of fast movement. When using in car, the neutral filter will blur for example sidewalk and creates the illusion of speed. Other using for ND filter is in aviation, remote-controlled aircraft and shooting from Quadcopter. ND filter reduces Jello effect, which occurs when the camera is mounted on a vehicle with high vibration.

This accessory is compatible with cameras GoPro HERO 3, 3+, 4.

Package includes:
1 ND glass filter


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